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João Carvalho Pina

2 : individual exhibition
0 : collective exhibition
1 : guest author

He was born in Lisbon in 27-11-1980 and his first photography was about 4 years later. He become addicted to photography.
Frequented AR.CO and trained in the weekly newspaper Euronoticias. Was the main photographer of Muzyka Magazine and one of the founders of Elsa Press agency.
In 2002 wins the 1st prize in News category in the Photjournalism Prize of the magazine Visão with the image of a portuguese volunteer during the cleaning os the beaches in Galiza after the Prestige environmental catastrophe. He also wins a honourable mention in the reportage category with a work about a cuban baseball game. He was the youngest photojournalist rewarded by this publication.
He's a final year student of Management and Marketing, and it's a free-lancer photojournalist with regular works in the weekly spanish newspaper El Mundo.
Lives divided between Lisbon and Oporto, dreams about the Big Apple and has in the streests of Havana he's second home.
Nowadays he's working in a project that at long term aims to represent and document the political and social reality of Cuba and it's evolution in time.
He likes to try everything that has a shutter, quotes Robert Capa "If the photo it's not good, that's because you're not close enough", and it's the example that the portuguese photojournalism it's in good shape.

Text Sofia Quintas
Source: article "Os nossos neurónios" from Carlos magno, Notícias Magazine from 25 of May 2003