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John Strazza - photographer of over 30 years - studied with some of the finest photographers of our time and himself falls into the category of master. Within his work you will find images taken in the genre of street photography. Images that celebrate the variety and complexity of the every day.

To experience a John Strazza image is to take in a frame of elements be they simple or complex whereby he brings you inside that very moment of his vision or maybe it is that he brings you there so you can have your own vision and relationship with that moment .. either way - it's mind eye opening.

These images can quiet the mind into a still and reflective moment - bringing visual revelation to the ordinary - places and events we would normally just walk by and not see ... yet to tune into John's mind is to hear a complex array of imagery coming and going (clearly) in every direction - containing concepts of time and space, math, and light or the absence thereof - leaving your mind in a thought provoking spin of creativity.

The following is an excerpt of his writings ...

"Images of real life situations have within them the elements of physics, math, art, and the laws of light and time all in one moment, all in one frame. It's no surprise that a photograph will contain elements that will make for a contemplative composition and seemingly intentional design - not as random as some may believe. Time and time again I see these elements, objects, people "fall together" within the frame of an image as though one had planned it's layout (or design) very carefully. Yet no more than a call to our mind's eye was needed to find and respond to a moment in time, the elements there-in, and to focus a lens and click a shutter.

We are (the structure and the elements) and therefore we see and respond
to them .. even if only by our intuition." John Strazza