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Stefano Levi

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Stefano Levi is an independent photojournalist and photographer currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Levi was born in Trieste in 1970 where he spent most of his childhood. He studied Chemistry at the university of Parma and worked in Italy for a while, after obtaining his master´s degree.

In 2001, after spending four years in the Netherlands, Levi obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemical technology. Subsequently he moved to Germany where he currently lives and works as a project manager in the chemical industry since 2002.

Stefano Levi started early with photography. At the age of 13, he owned his first camera. A tiny Minox GT. He was thought by his father Giorgio, who was an ambitioned amateur photographer and transmitted him the technical knowledge and the passion for this art. Since more than 18 years, photography accompanies him through life. Levi sees photography as the tool one can use, to speak directly to the heart. He developed himselve not through college or photographic courses, but in constant contact with professional photographers, and "on field".

"A good image does not need any comment; it strikes you right there, in the middle of your chest, and your eyes cannot move away from it. Pity that good images are a seldom thing and never mine."

During the last years Levi travelled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. His photographic work is mainly focussed on reporting everyday life, simplicity and beauty... around the world... connecting with people... No matter if hopping around, among indigenous tribes in south America or working with models for an assignement, beauty, taste, warm tones and simplicity distinguish his style.