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Yves Rousselet

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Yves r

borns in 1955 in Oucques of a father mason and a mother dressmaker
grows in a numerous family in Authon [in Gatine Tourangelle]

learns photography from 1971 to 73 in the technician college of Tours

first job in Paris in ninethy thousand seventy four in a laboratory whose main activity was the processing of amateur films, from 1976 works in a school of the west suburb in analogical and digital audiovisual [photo and video]

first expo 1982

1985 album evidently provisory and necessarily irrisory of moments in which I had desire to make photographs

1992 creation of the editions the fish of April [seven works published until now]

1994 creation of photographic meetings and exhibition each first of April

2002 trip [UN] usefull, book note-book PARIS SARAJEVO short photographic sketches