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Bruno Espadana

0 : individual exhibition
0 : collective exhibition
1 : guest author

He was born in May 1976, in Nazaré. 18 years later, he headed to Lisbon where he stayed.

In 2000, he decided to buy a camera instead of an car stereo and he's still not sorry.

Participated in the following collective and individual exhibitions
"CAIS - Rostos de Mulher", Lisboa, 2002; "Covers", with BZK Group, Lisboa, 2003; "Jazz & Blues", Lisboa, 2003; "Compact Diaries of Everyday Life", Lisboa, 2004; ".exposição de fotografia.", with Manuel Luís Cochofel, Lisboa, 2004; "Fixart IX - Mostra Colectiva de Fotografia", Torres Vedras, 2004; "União Zoófila", Sintra, 2005; "Portugal Hoje", Baixa da Banheira, 2005.

Has published works on the following Magazines CAIS (2002), Practical Photography (2003) e Periférica (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006), and in periodicals Diário de Notícias (2001) and Jornal de Notícias (2004).

He's photos were used in two volumes of jazz's compilation 'Unforgettable Songs' (Chiado Records)