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Ana Pereira

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the first images I have are if dried grass with a smell of curry, bees flying over hot water, and adults always walking far away, but at the reach of a fast climb into their lap.

the days were of land, cane-sugar all day long between hand and mouth, and military games among dry fields.
in this side, there was cold and good water from my grandparent's well, coffee with bread in front of my grandfather's João blue eyes, work in the fields in summer's sun, homework in bed on Saturday's morning while rain fell very cold outside.

later i grew and nothing ever was so funny, perhaps only, the incessant search of pleasure, where everything become intense again.

I was born in Mozambique, I lived in Alcobaça until the age of 18 and I live in OPorto since 1993.

I'm a professional photographer since 1998.