author: ph15 collective exhibition


Ángel Alfonso (18 years old)
Photography has made me more aware of what?s around me; things began to reveal themselves to me. Seeking to take the perfect picture, I began to develop a sense of awareness. Sometimes, when I looked at my prints, I was not sure if what I had before me was a successful or an unsuccessful photograph. Sometimes I would also see something that I really liked yet could not make it into a good photograph.

Eugenio Alfonso (24 years old)
I always liked the images because of their mystery, as if they had something hidden behind the surface. Photography gives me the freedom of expression. Through my photographs, I want to show a particular moment.

Gloria Paniagua (17 years old)
HI! I?m Gloria. I like to take pictures of everything, but mostly of little kids. I like them. I also feel a little pity for them, when I see them wandering in the streets, dirty and hungry. That makes me sad; Its not how it used to be. On the other hand, I also photograph clean and well dressed kids, maybe heading to kindergarten, Little kids remind me of my childhood, of which I have dear memories. I like to remember myself when I was their age.

Juan Alfonso (16 years old)
Through photography I can show feelings such as joy, grief, or solitude. It helps me see things in a different light, show my feelings through the photos I take.

Mariela Paniagua (18 years old)
Hi! I hope to transmit through my images what I felt when I was there. Mostly I photograph my family, my home, my daily circumstances. My family is the most important thing for me. I enjoy it when they see the prints and comment about them: maybe they like them or maybe not, and I like to know why. I placed all my energy in taking these photos because this is what I like the most: being home and photographing my family and friends that come to visit. In my photographs I tell everything of what happens to me: my day to day.

Nanci Alfonso (18 years old)
In several occasions I found it hard to make my photos reflect what I wanted to. When I began photographing from the buses and trains, something changed. These images were taken on my way to visit both my aunts and also on my way to school. When I looked through the window, I began observe more carefully the people in the street, details, expressions, and to imagine their lives, their stories. I saw the tenderness in a father playing with his baby son, and the solitude in the masses crossing an avenue. I am always imagining how maybe I have nothing to do with these people. Yet through them, I am able to express my feelings, my moods, myself.

Natalia Godoy (17 years old)
When I am photographing, and especially when it is in the slum, I am in a state of euphoria, screaming and having fun with my friends. Generally, the slum?s corridors are empty of people. Maybe I will spot one or two? I walk through this maze of corridors, but I can?t find what I want: people. I sometimes think that they don?t want to get out and see what?s around them; or maybe they are ashamed of the fact that they live in the slum, like I do. I photograph what I feel is a part of me. The corridors in the s
lum are a part of me, of where I live, and I am proud of showing this.

Pablo Altuve (27 years old)
I think photography has a unique magic to it. Not only it allows me to capture a particular instant, but also captures things that I might not have been aware of when I snapped the picture. It is a lot about intuition. Only after the processing and printing I can see this sensation or intuition materialized on paper. This is why I feel so passionately about photography and I hope it will accompany me for the rest of my life.

Paula Danese (17 years old)
It is thanks to photography that I can express what I feel and I can share what I like. Passion, madness, happiness, sorrow? all this I feel for photography. I mostly take pictures of what calls my attention, specially what kids do when they are playing. I would like to photograph strangers and imagine what they do or think about.

Samanta Córdoba (17 years old)
I like to take pictures because through the images I can see beyond my own feelings and circumstances. I can see that no one is alone in this world. That is why I mostly take pictures outside, in the street: to show all these different realities. What I would never do is lie about what happens in my neighbourhood. Nor would I hide the fact that I live in the slum.