Isolated Elements nov 27 - 2003
author: john strazza
title: live Hudson - 03 guest author

Isolated Elements

nov 27 - 2003

This group of images has been put together in a somewhat intuitive way - similar to how i work - but i believe that it is about the isolated moment or isolated element in the places i walk every day - when working i walk fast, very fast, and i become part of the light and movement and elements all around me - it's an almost electric feeling that lasts only a short while - it's like a hightened awareness - and i feel everything around me and respond to it - in the case of these images it is also seeing something that stands alone - yes in a busy place - but still alone - and giving it the respect it deserves just to be what it is - be it a boat or the face of a old woman i am walking past - it's about the relationship - if only brief - it's so much about things coming together in time, light, space ..