newsletter may 2003

guest author
Raquel > field journal
raia transmontana - notes from the field

"a man and a woman who celebrate their birthday on christmas day. a blue home and the bread dough drying on the fold of the hand"

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas > Hotel California

"In the year 500 BC, a mysterious prophet arose on the territory which is now Arizona, with the goal of theaching the native Americans the secrets of eternal life"

João Varela > Outras visões

Two motives on near infrared film

photoagenda suggestions 
  • Pedras e Rochas, various - Arquivo Fotográfico, Lisboa (until may 20th)
  • A nossa vitória é apenas questão de tempo, various - Casa do Infante, Porto (until
  • may 29th)
  • De qui s'agit-il?, Henri Cartier Bresson - Bibliotèque Nationale de France, Paris (until july 27
  • th)

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