newsletter november 2003

guest author
João Pina >
Incêndios no centro de Portugal
(Fires in central Portugal)

"Photographies taken in the central part of Portugal from the 2nd to 16th of August."

collective exhibitions
Various> S. Bartolomeu

(...) According to the legend, on this day the "devil drifts free", only to return to the sea when it gets dark, and Saint Bartolomeu appears as the saint that holds him, through the symbolism of the dog leashed to his image. On this day, he sets the “beast” free and everything is allowed. (...)

individual exhibitions
Paulo Serra > 32 faqueiros revestidos em ouro
(32 cutlers coated in gold)

"Not so close..."

João Varela > Gaivota (Seagull)

"If a seagull would come / To bring me the sky of Lisbon / In the drawing it would make, / In that sky where the look / Is a wing who does not fly, / Loses brightness and falls in the sea.
" Alexandre O'Neill

photoagenda suggestions 
  • On White Air, Maria Pia de Oliveira - Museu da Cidade, Lisboa, PT (until november 9th)

  • Silêncio da Luz (Contacto - Parte I), Various - Instituto Português da Juventude, Coimbra, PT (until november 15th)

  • e-motion, Various - Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisboa, PT (until november 30th)

  • Francisco Kessler - FNAC Colombo, Lisboa, PT (until november 30th)

  • Pedro Guimarães - FNAC NorteShopping, Porto, PT (until november 30th)

  • S. Petersburgo em Fotos, Vários - Museu Hermitage, São Petersburgo, Russia (until december 21th)

  • Sarah Moon - Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, France (until december 27th)

  • Prémio de Jornalismo sobre Direitos Humanos 2003 (delivery until november 14th)

  • 10th AGFAnet Photo Award (delivery until november 28th)

  • III Concurso Fotográfico Naturista de Cantabria (delivery until november 30th)

  • Familia (delivery until december 31th)

  • Prémio Europeu de Fotografia de Imprensa Fujifilm 2004 (delivery until january 16th)

  • Lomographic World League 2003 (delivery until january 31st)

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