newsletter february 2004

guest author
Alain-Gilles Bastide > digitalTRACES

The pictures shown in Paris in 2002, « digitalTRACES » are the first ones after a 19 years-long silence : « It is my first work with a new tool, a new brush : digital camera. » Its quality is equivalent to analogical camera, but in addition new types of uses and supports become possible: the screen-viewfinder, digital engraving , gigantic enlargements on plastic covers… Furthermore as the viewfinder is a small screen that can move independently from the lens, new places and angles are to be found. That's how « digitalTRACES » put forward what barely comes to our eye.

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas > Underwater Love


paulo rodrigues > z:umbido

(words: nick cave)

the brusque rhythm of the words unfastens splinters in the heart of the cold wooden floor : what is left after all the steps stop having sound : a h:umming


We had a great participation on this first contest, with many different people from different countries on the entries received and plenty of photos. The selection wasn't easy as you can see from the photos published.

next theme

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photoagenda suggestions 
  • Kevin Lynch - Galeria Serpente - Porto, Portugal (until 21-february)

  • Retratos, Rosa Reis - Casa da Cerca - Almada, Portugal (until 24-february)

  • António Sta. Clara - Restaurante Ponto Final - Cacilhas, Portugal (until 28-february)

  • -------1---------, Miguel Meira - Museu da Imagem - Braga, Portugal (until 29-february)

  • Espelhos Roubados, Xana - Teatro Taborda - Lisboa, Portugal (until 07-march)

  • Sensações Objectivas, Deftona - Claustro Bar - Coimbra, Portugal- Photographya_project2004 (from 15-february until 28-february)

  • Helmut Newton - Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris - France (until 06-march)

  • On Est Ce Que L'on Guarde, Helmut Newton - Museu Picasso, Paris - France (until 07-march)

  • L'Héritage Sacré, Edward S. Curtis - Fotomuseum den Haag, Hague - The Netherlands (until 21-march)

  • Pessoas Diferentes Lugares Diferentes - NEA - ISCTE (delivery until 15-february)

  • 30º Salão Internacional de Arte Fotográfica do Algarve/2004 - Racal Clube (delivery until 23-june)

  • Imagine a Próxima Campanha da Renova - Renova, Revista Photo (delivery until 20-february)

  • One Vision - Bristol-Myers Squibb (delivery until 28-february)

  • The Human Face - Agfa (delivery until26-march)

  • Red - New York Institute of Photography (delivery until31-march)

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