newsletter march 2004

guest author
Jorge Garcia Pereira

rio de janeiro - brazil

individual exhibitions
Manuel Luís Cochofel > cidades artificiais II

"I don't remember if the doctor
told me that this was the recommended
prescription to save the world or only
to be happy. Be that as it may,
I don't see any results"
(José Manuel Silva, Ulisses doesn't live here anymore, & etc)

Stefan Rohner > Just being...2

José Gonçalves > Polaroids

"The work I present in this exhibition was all done with Polaroid films, and the techniques used go from simple manipulation of the image in film SX-70 until the transfer of the emulsion and the lifting of the emulsion of films type 809.
None of theses images was manipulated digitally, and everything was done through the manual process that implies some patience and caution, which becomes gratifying at the end"

auto-retrato / self-portrait

And the winner is ...
Lowtechmatt, Germany (DE)
We loved the humour in this photo.

next theme

frio / cold
Make use of these cold days, go to the north-pole, or south, find something that brings up this feeling, cold. Results will be out in the march newsletter and published on the site. See how to participate >>>. uses cookies to store the language the user chooses at the front page. if you haven't done this yet, please do it first before opening one of these links so that the text in the correct language is presented >>>.
photoagenda suggestions 
  • Bahia, o Lugar onde o Brasil Nasceu, Marcelo Buainain - Cadeia da Relação - Porto - Portugal (until 14-march)

  • Toda a Dor do Mundo, Alfredo Jaar - Cadeia da Relação - Porto - Portugal (until 14-march)

  • Tanta Dor, Jane Evelyn Atwood - Cadeia da Relação - Porto - Portugal (until 14-march)

  • Faceless, João Mariano - Centro Cultural - Lagos - Portugal (until 20-march)

  • Colecção das Fotografias da Caisse des Dépôts, Vários - Culturgest Galeria 1 - Lisboa - Portugal (until 28-march)

  • Alentejo – Do Nascer ao Pôr do Sol, Carlos (Maltês) - A Montaria - Salvada - Portugal (from 07-march until 28-march)

  • Tão perto e eu sem poder tocar-lhe, Susana Dinis - Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal - Lisboa - Portugal (until 03-april)

  • SUBLIME AUDÁCIA- A Experiência do Passeante - Parte 2C, João Vilhena - Galeria LUíS SERPA Projectos - Lisboa - Portugal (from 13-march to 30-april)

  • L'Héritage Sacré, Edward S. Curtis - Fotomuseum den Haag, Hague - The Nertherlands (until 21-march)

  • Ce Que J'ai Vu, Paul Nadar - Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson, Paris - France (until 28-march)

  • Rrom, Yves Leresche - Galerie Périscope, Liége - Belgium (until 08-april)

  • 30º Salão Internacional de Arte Fotográfica do Algarve/2004 - Racal Clube (delivery until 23-june)

  • 1ª Meia Maratona Fotográfica de Setúbal - Gab. Juventude da Câmara Mun. de Setúbal/IPJ (06-march)

  • The Human Face - Agfa (delivery until 26-march)

  • Red - New York Institute of Photography (delivery until 31-march)

  • 6º Concurso de Fotografia - Poble Espanyol de Montjuic (delivery until 31-march)

  • The 147th International Print Exhibition - The Royal Photographic Society (delivery until01-april)

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