newsletter february 2005

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Filipe Condado Marcin Gorski
t o u r d e p o l o g n e

Upper Silesia, Poland.

Tourdepologne is not really a series telling certain truth or story, but just few images from the streets of Upper Silesia cities. Well, this is one huge city, which grown from several smaller administrative organisms. Upper Silesia is the most industrial part of Poland, which position grown up with coal and goes down with every mine closed. Inside this powerful agglomeration you can find islands of forgotten people, ex-miners and their families, unemployed sometimes for second generation. They live in XIX centuries houses called here familoki, but you can translate it into favelas. [...]

Wilfried Hinz, CH

Get closer can and tells us what you see.


Congratulations to Wilfried Hinz, from Switzerland. Closer than this is difficult, in every sense.

Highlight to the two series, from Slawek Chelis, from Poland, and Cristina Funes, from Argentina.

Note too for the conceptual photo of Kay, from India.

It's curious that, from the more than 50 photos we've got, only one is in black-and-white.

Thank you for all the participations..

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movement: n. 1 moving or being moved; activity; 2 act of changing position; 4 united actions and efforts of a group of people for a special purpose; 5 (music) principal division of a musical work with a distinctive structure of its own; .

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The team.

individual exhibitions
Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
> raft of flowers

(In it) "Vegetates with vigour the refined flora that has in the roses, oranges, red carnations, blue pansies, yellow sunflowers and red poppies, the elected flowers. By the inverse: tripping and withering is the rural genista; lost are the harvests of wheat and other cereals for the bread of the poor; abandoned, dry, almost irretrievable, are the flower beds, the small orchards and kitchen-gardens of the mob." [...]

text by Brasilino Godinho, Lusitanian Farm

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Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal, Lisboa
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