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Olav Murillo Olav Murillo
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My Streets,
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Paolo De Maio, IT

movement: n. 1 moving or being moved; activity; 2 act of changing position; 4 united actions and efforts of a group of people for a special purpose; 5 (music) principal division of a musical work with a distinctive structure of its own.


Congratulations to Paolo De Maio, from Italy. Dance is the sublimation of movement, which is well pictured in the photo.

Highligh also for the series of Mario Beaudet, from Canada, on the theme "In this world of uncertainty where the materialism is the rule, more than ever one can wonder where we go ?".

Thank you for all the participations..

next theme
The 8th of March is celebrated the International Day of Women.

In this day, in 1857, the textile female workers of a plant in New Iorque were on strike, having occupied the plant, to revindicate the reduction of a schedule of 16 hours per day for 10 hours. These workers who, in its 16 hours, received less than a third of a man's wage, were closed in the plant where, meanwhile, broke out a fire, and about 130 women died burnt. In 1910, in an women's international conference carried out in Denmark, it was determined, in homage to those women, to celebrate the 8th March as the "International Day of Women".

The subject of this month is Women.

Show us how you see women in today's society.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

collective exhibition
Paulo Rodrigues > Ruben Circus

Darking the secret places behind the cloth. Remains a hand full for the out of time rehearsal. The men shout. The tumblers shout. The steel bars and lions shout. The rope cracks in the emptiness of the lights. The owner shouts. Only he overlaps the word. The scene changes quickly to another one. [...]

individual exhibition
Manuel Luís CochofelManuel Luís Cochofel
> geo grafies

Photos done in the Vicentine Coast, Portugal, 2004. The camera used was a Yashicamat 124g with a yellow filter and the films were Fuji Acros 100, Ilford Delta 100 Ilford delta 400 and Ilford sfx

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