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Pedro Guimarães Pedro Guimarães
> On the Ways of the New China

Hong-Kong, 19 pm local time, 8th of July, 2004. I have just landed in the International airport, where immediately I am forced to pass through the scanners, which record my thermic image. I recall that we live in the days of diseases that appear suddenly, coming from nowhere, suddenly threatening millions of human beings. The thermical image of the passengers will be useful to determine, who are those, which walk feverishly. The ones that are "hot" will have to be subject to medical examinations. Asia is fighting with new outbreaks of "bird's fever" and "atypical pneumonia". The bluish on my face, represented in the infrared monitor, indicates that I must be ok. I continue. [...]


Many faces arm the city. From the great aired avenues, to the pressed alleys and unskilful side streets. The new emerges from the old and leaves it, many times, disfigured. The movement of the population, and the outskirts, in the rush hours leaves it without breath. It extends itself, strains its tentacles to the outskirts where it plants beds for the workers that return to it every day. The ambient and social pressure in the cities grows each day. The lack of spaces in its interior leaves it without many solutions. It's in this intricate and cadenced context that the people pass, live, blossom. And with them city itself.

Show what you see in the cities


Congratulations to Sébastien PEPINSTER, Belgium, for his the set of photos. In second we highlight Lowtechmatt, Germany. And in third Luis Duarte, Portugal.

Thank you for all the participations..

next theme
Night Photography
When the light makes night, makes itself frayed, difficult to hold with the hand. The shade lengthens in the corners, the things, the people. The electric luminosities ignite, with gas or wax. The stars are shown above the villages and small hills. Within the urban limits the light becomes risks, continual and vibrating, becomes rhythm, and thus flees from the silence of its absence.

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individual exhibition
Stefan RohnerStefan Rohner
> Sobrazada Sausages and other stories

Traditionally, winter in Spain is the season for the slaughter of pigs (a matanza) and the making of sausages. The most common Mallorcan sausage is "sobrasada": ground pork meat is mixed with spices (most predominantly paprika), stuffed into tripe casings, and then hanged to cure for a few weeks. A matanza is hard work but great camaraderie. Whole families get together and everyone is assigned a job. A big traditional lunch is served in the middle of the day


José Silva PintoJosé Silva Pinto
> With Eyes to See

"The human balance remaines in the outrageous evidence of always existing victims and executioners. And the tragedies that wound mankind leave scars in their words."

Baptista Bastos, Secret good bye

nelson d'airesnelson d'aires
> The Empalaos of Valverde de la Vera

I will not extend myself about "Los Empalaos de Valverde of Vera". My words would never make justice to what I cannot understand because I'm a man without faith. Perhaps because of this I go from village to village searching the unexpected. Even if I already saw images of other photographers, I want to see with my own eyes. This is being a documental photographer: to perceive the place, to see, feel and hear what doesn't fit in a photograph's range. The work, the former, is always incomplete. Due to this I'm always searching for the next place with the vain hope to complete the unfinished [..]

This month has come out late. We're sorry for this.

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