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Stefano Levi Stefano Levi
Cuba Libre. A journey from Havana to Trinidad

Cuba, March-April 2004. My journey started in Havana without a real destination and stopped in Trinidad, an enchanted and very well preserved Colonial City. This essay shows the impressions I gathered during my stay in this amazing country.

Lifetyle and culture in enchanted Cuba, a county where people, despite poverty and the difficult political situation are filled with joy of living. The free spirit of Cuba lives in the kindness of people, in the afro-cuban rythms of their music, and in the amazing colors this land has to offer.

Night Photography
Marie Sordat, FR

When the light makes night, makes itself frayed, difficult to hold with the hand. The shade lengthens in the corners, the things, the people. The electric luminosities ignite, with gas or wax. The stars are shown above the villages and small hills. Within the urban limits the light becomes risks, continual and vibrating, becomes rhythm, and thus flees from the silence of its absence.


This month the participation beat a new record: 104 photographs, of which we publish 78.

Congratulations to Marie Sordat, from France, for the magnificent serie sent. Distinction also to Pedro Vilela, from Portugal, with the lighthouse photo, and to Elizaj, from Roménia.

Thank you for all the participations..

next theme
Spring is almost gone. The long and hot rays from beginning of summer already started to be felt. The next subject is dedicated to photos that you'd taken last spring, that tell us how it was this season.

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individual exhibition
José GonçalvesJosé Gonçalves
So close but so Far

This Project started in 1994, when I was studying in AR.CO., and I kept it until today for pure amusement and for the pleasure that it gives me. Moreover the evolution that this means of transport had in the last years allows me to catch real changements.

This project's main ideia is the isolation between people. Every day we take the subway, by itself an isolated transport from the outside world, we travel in a dark tunnel that in 3 on 3 minutes has light; there, by one way or the other, we find faces known from every day, but most times nor we direct them a word; we are so close, but, yet, so far.


Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
Thelma & Louise

Thelma hops into the car with Louise. They look at each other.


Hit it.

excerpt from Thelma & Louise, Callie Khouri

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