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Yves Rousselet Yves Rousselet
> Albania "the furthest away from the close countries"

Photography it's poetry and not only poetry. The light really exists, the mountains, the sea, the landscapes really exist with their inhabitants who work, who dream, who sing and who disenchant.
I always travelled, at least as much as I could with this, maybe, immoderate taste for freedom; and I did not cease photographing. [...] [>]

individual exhibition
Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
> The Faith of Others

To be the chosen ones they low their eyes when entering the church, do the sign of cross in a reverence signal, kneel to be close to the ground they belong, confess to atone the smallest sins, give what they have and what they don't have. [>]

Txomin TxuekaTxomin Txuekar
> Henning Mankell, writer

José Antonio Maria Vaz, the "Chronicler of winds":

On a colored adobe roof burnt from the sun, under a tropical starred sky of a suffocating moistness night, I find myself, named Jose Antonio Vaz Maria, waiting for the end of the world. Dirty and feverish, with wriggly clothes, as if they wanted to run away from my lean body, I have the pockets full of flour, more precious to me than gold. One year ago I was somebody, I was a baker; since now I'm not more than a beggar who spends the days rambling, as the soul in pain, under the burning hot sun, and to which the nights run in the roof of an abandoned house. Nevertheless, even the beggars have signals of identity. Signals that distinguish them from all the others that also extend their hands in the corners, as if they wanted to give them away, or to sell its fingers one by one. [...] [>]

João Serra Fernandes, Portugal
Alterballetto #2

Theater, music, dance, recital of poetry, everything is allowed and admired on classic stage, in the representation of the real, the dream, the fiction.



This month's winner is João Serra Fernandes, Portugal.

Thanks to all who participated.

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"My heart is a fire machine,/magnesium light, forest set on fire/Burn is its proper relief/Burns for everything, is inflamed for nothing." Fire Machine, António Gedeão, 1961

This month subject is Fire. Represent it, in any of its forms.

Send up to 3 photos.

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