newsletter july 2006

guest author
Angelo Lucas Angelo Lucas
> Dressed in woman

The Travestite Gala that annually takes place in Lisbon, in different spaces, is a color and fantasy show, but over all of illusion. Men, that are women, who are men, no matters after all. It's the soul that matters and that, as far as one knows, doesn't have a sex. Will it be? [>]

individual exhibition
Jorge Garcia Pereira Jorge Garcia Pereira
> India


manuel luís cochofel manuel luís cochofel
> Backstage

In "Backstage", I try to catch moments and rituals (that sometimes last hours...) that precede a theater play and whose access normally is forbidden to the audience. From makeup to concentration and internalization of the role that one is going to play in the following moments, everything has to be ready before the cloth rise.

Later, everything precipitates: action starts, stage entrances and exits are succeeded, changes of clothes after a fast race to dressing-rooms, only broke by interval, and the last fall of the cloth put an ending point. [...] [>]

The Sea
Ricardo Pereira, Portugal

The sea, with all its nuances of blue, gray, white and other tones that can appear...


The selection of the best photos was really hard since we had such good participations. The winning photo this month is from Ricardo Pereira, Portugal. Congratulations to him, and to all others. [>]

the public choice
Last month we proposed a public vote on the Shadows contest. The participation was so low that we have no option but to cancel it.

next theme
A glimpse of a thigh that that's not seen in totality, transparencies, a shirt opened in a masculine body, a pulpy mouth, stockings... free your eroticism through the lenses.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate [>].

Rules summary :
Up to 3 photos
largest side: 550 px
max file size: 100 kb

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