newsletter august 2006

guest author
Patricia Moreira Patricia Moreira
> Il Rito dei Serpenti

Each year on the first thursday of May the village Cocullo in Italy open doors to a celebration with snakes in honor of Saint Domenico Abate. [>]

collective exhibition
Sofia Quintas Sofia Quintas, manuel luís cochofel
> Lisbon Erotic Saloon

This year the International Erotic Lisbon Saloon was again in the most important exhibitions place in the portuguese capital: FIL.

During four consecutive days the natural meeting with sexuality, in all its aspects, was the tonic. [...] [>]

individual exhibition
manuel luís cochofel manuel luís cochofel

Cities talk.

They reflect natural and faithfully their inhabitants, telling stories and revealing cultures.

It's in the set of all differences that we find the city génesis.

When we ramble the streets, we're constantly being confronted with images of houses, buildings, urbanizations, gardens, placards, traffic signals, traffic lights, dust-bins... It's in this diverse imaginary that the city's image stands, where spray, pen or even knife inscriptions born, covering electric boxes, telephone boxes, shop-windows, traffic lights, cooller station-wagons, walls, bus stops, ATMs, trains, abandoned walls, etc. . [...] [>]

Sofia Quintas Sofia Quintas
> FATAL 2006

Annual Festival of Lisbon Academic Theater [>]

Dayle Ann Clavin, Belgium

A glimpse of a thigh that that's
not seen in totality, transparencies, a shirt opened in a masculine
body, a pulpy mouth, stockings... free your eroticism through the


The winning photo this month is from
Dayle Ann Clavin, from Belgium . Congratulations to him, and to all others. [>]

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