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Minimian Minimiam
> Minimiam

[...] Why Minimiam ? The passion of Akiko for textures, especially alimentary ones, and Pierre's attraction for toys, childhood, and especially a feature of common nature: daintiness! [...]
The silhouettes of Minimiam, thanks to their caricatural character, transmit a direct vision of the action. Nothing is suggested, the attitude is clear, only the context makes it ambiguous. The third aspect, landscape. The small size of the characters makes the surrounding space gigantic, and architecture, the image framing, puts us in presence, consequently, of a landscape where the eye can evolve, examine, stroll. [...] [>]

individual exhibition
manuel luís cochofel manuel luís cochofel
> 9/11

Small work about the morning of the 5th anniversary of September 11 in New York, in the immediacy of the formerly ocuppied space by the Twin Towers, called today 'Ground Zero' [>]

Txomin Txueka Txomin Txueka
> Evo Morales Ayma: The First Indigenous President

It is possible to know a person according to the palm of its hand, better still than according to its face. The presidents tighten hands, white hands, tender hands, hands that did not suffer. But among these hands that follow, there's one different from the others, a color of land hand, a furrowed of rivers hand, a hard hand; a hand that knows its role of hand. It is useless to look at the face, it is Evo.

Aurpegieratik baino hobeto ezagutu liteke pertsona esku ahurretik. Presidenteek bostekoa luzatzen diote elkarri, eta pasatzen dira esku txuriak, esku guriak, esku garbiak, inoiz hortzik estutu gabeko eskuak. Baina estutu bat eta estutu bestea, iritsi da esku bat besteak ez bezalakoa, esku bat lurraren kolorekoa, esku bat erreka bidez marraztua, esku bat gogorra; esku bat, esku izatea zer den badakiena. Ez dago aurpegira begiratu beharrik, Evo da. [>]

João Bacellar, Brasil

It's considered the most expansive of colours, as well as the one that most attracts the eyes. The exploration of its use has a great importance in the work of Vincent van Gogh [...]


The winning photo this month is from
João Bacellar, Brasil. Congratulations to him, and to all others. [>]

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It's a season usually associated to melancholy, perhaps because Summer has already gone, and Winter's at the door.

Rich in colors by the leaves that turn to yellow and disappear in free fall, it's a season where time plays tricks, sometimes with clean days, other times with strong storms.

Show us your Autumn's photographs.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate [>].

Rules summary :
Up to 3 photos
largest side: 550 px
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