april 2007

guest author
Giuseppe Pons
The Airports
Giuseppe Pons

The infinite repetition of identical places in different room's placings; the encounter, the crossing with indefinite individuals in artificial atmospheres, the doubled repetition of places without time, the movement without aim in pseudo-cities without human contact; the solitude in the multitude of singles: the Airports [>]

Daniel Camacho, PT

The winner in the Architecture contest is Daniel Camacho, Portugal, with a photo of a work of Calavatra. Congratulations.

Thank you all for the participation. [>]

march 2007

"Architecture is petrified music" Goethe

Architecture relates to the art or technique to project and build the environment inhabited by human beings.

It deals with the organization of space and their elements, but normally it's associated with the problem of the organization of man in space, speacially urban.

next theme
Green, the color.
We associate it with affirmation, as in traffic lights, with nature, with the ecological movement, with military, with lack of experience or anger, and much other things or conditions.

Show us green things or others that represent it.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
José Gonçalves
José Gonçalves

A small compact camera that serves as diary, in colors or black and white, the compact Olympus XA with its 35mm 2,8 lens and telemeter focus, it's an excelent option for the daily life. [>]

Joost De Raeymaeker
Surf Localism - the friendly way
Joost De Raeymaeker

Surfing beaches are subject to certain rules and hierarchies. The so called localism in its simplest form is a way to impose respect and save the best waves to the "older" surfers from the beach, a little bit like an old style family father would be served before the rest of the family at dinner.

As an outsider on a certain beach it can be hard sometimes to integrate and catch waves. Localism in its extreme form is agressive and on the busiest beaches like the hawaiian ones can lead to stoning of cars and physical violence against the visitor [...] [>]

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