june 2007

guest author
Luís Rocha
Fake stories for a fake diary
Luís Rocha

In 2001, having as goal to enter the Photography Biennial of Vila Franca de Xira, I decided to do a photographic essay around feminine nude where the work "in some afternoon's day" was born, six black and white photographs where the body was not photographed in a sensual way but, as an aesthetic search between lines and forms.

I followed this approach in the project "Ad1Q - daily notes", where I wanted to photograph the intimate daily life of my closest friends. The option not to show faces, has as prínciple two goals: preserve and safeguard the image of the ones who were available to cooperate in the project, and to portray the nude while nude and not to relate it to an identity, allowing the body to be simply a body.

Along this work and the stories that I intimately developed with the people I photographed, I filled a note book, from where "fake stories for fake dairy", that I present here, was born. [>]

Rita Ribeiro Silva, PT

This month's winner is Rita Ribeiro Silva, Portugal, with a wonderful series where she balances very well the reflections of landscapes. Congratulations.

Thank you all for the participation. [>]

may 2007

Reflection is an effect produced by reflected light.

Reflex is also an automatic and involuntary corporal reaction to a stimulaton.

It can be also a conditionated reflex due to a regular association to a stimulaton.

Give us examples of Reflections.

next theme
Poem by Eugénio de Andrade

Your face bent by the breeze; / the ferocious whiteness of your teeth; / your hands somehow irresponsible, / in any case somber, in any case transparent;

the cruel triumph of your legs / columns at rest when night falls; / your level breast, clear, made of water; / your quiet mouth where one longs

to sail or sing, or simply be / the color of a fruit, the weight of a flower; / the words pierced by joy and terror, / biting into solitude;

They are the great cause, the only cause.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas
Ena Pá 2000
Sofia Quintas

Ena Pá 2000 are a talented and versatile band who count already 20 years of career. They portray and criticize society and underworld, at the same time they have fun and delight their audiences. They also have a huge fan club of all ages that follow the band wherever it goes.

His multifaceted vocalist could have been a painting, music, cinema or national composition genius. He even candidate himself to the presidency of the Portuguese republic to prove that any clown can be a politician. Instead, he choose to be only the crazy Manuel João Vieira and, be happy with what he does. [>]

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