december 2007

guest author
Bruno Espadana
Bruno Espadana
A series of images from the subject I prefer to photograph (and that is at the same time the most 'non-subject' of them all): people, simply. Family, friends, strangers. An always unfinished project, to which I'm always happy to come back. [see exhibition]

nelson martins, Portugal
The pretiest smile is from nelson martins, Portugal. Congratulations. [see exhibition]

Results for November 2007

Smile is not the same than laugh. Laugh is something that bursts in a boom, smile, on the contrary, is quiet. While laugh is extroversion, smile unmasks delicately the interior from the one who smiles.

Shows us photos with smiles :)

subject for november contest
Free Subject
december's subject is always Free Subject. Everything is accepted

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

individual exhibitions
Yves Rousselet
Kosovo "must" wait
Yves Rousselet

The new term is stablished for December the 10th. Until that date the Albanians and Serbes responsible for the Kosovo province, once again compromised in negotiations under occidental countries diplomatic pressure and Russian's closer look, must find a solution.

They'll stop the United Nations temporary mission, that certanly allowed to relieve tensions but, also kept it in a statu quo for eight years. They must decide a future that passes through concepts of independence, great autonomy, or even separation. [...] [see exhibition]

Cláudio Edinger
from Bom Jesus to Milagres
Cláudio Edinger

Photographs done in 2005, 2006 and 2007, with a 4x5 camera, in Bahia inland in Brazil, between the cities of Bom Jesus and Milagres. [ver exposição ]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Testemunhos do Tempo, Flor Garduño
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
to Mar 16

[>] Porto Interior, Inês d`Orey
FNAC NorteShopping, Porto


[>] Festival Temps d'Images, Lisboa
to Dez 15

[>] Atlas, Carlos M. Fernandes, João Mariano, Rui Fonseca
Galeria P4, Rua dos Navegantes 16, Lisboa
to Jan 10
[>] Fotojornalismo, António Luís Campos
XIS.O.YPSILON, Bairro dos Capuchos, Leiria
to Dez 14

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