march 2008

guest author
Tatiana Cardeal
Incendiary of Souls
Tatiana Cardeal
Since early I've been fascinated by the Original Peoples. Mainly due to their colors, their symbolism, their lives full of meanings and their natural universe.

I'm immersed in color, lines, myths, songs, sounds and movements born in the heart of the earth and in the lungs of the jungle. My gaze becomes thick and passionate, flamed by other meanings, other languages.

These images are part of the documentation that I began in 2005, during the IV Indigenous National Festival, in Bertioga city, in a process not yet completed, to which I seek to contribute with two priorities: the memory of the culture of Indigenous Peoples in transformation - by respect for the Brazilian history -, and the awakening of new visions for other values, for other models.

Remembering what the indigenous leader Marcos Terena wrote me once:
"The world that surrounds us, did us different wisely, to live our individual values with a collective spirit!" [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Txomin Txueka
ILLIMANI: Boliviako izpiak eta hizkiak
Txomin Txueka

Narrative of a look:

A story can be told with the voice, the hands, or the look. A man walked in Bolivia with the look in the hands, quiet, trying to seize stories that wandered. Once seized, he reunited them, because together they protected each others and speak, tellung a story that it's heard by the look [see exhibition]

Octavio Hoyos, Mexico
The winning photo is from Octavio Hoyos, Mexico. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for February 2008

Profile, outline, projected shade, backlighting, limit of a body, darkness versus light, plain figure, absence of detail...

subject for february contest

Sensation produced in the ear by the vibrations of the sonorous bodies; vibration that produces this sensation; noise; voice.

Photographs can also be heard. They have voices and sounds that tell their stories.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Porto Interior, Inês d’Orey
FNAC Braga
until 2 Apr
[>] A Folia do Divino, Marco C. Pereira & Sara Wong
FNAC Sta. Catarina, Porto
until 9 Apr


[>] Mondo Cane, Leila Méndez
FNAC Coimbra
until 9 Apr
[>] Be On Stage, Rui Luís
CAE, Figueira da Foz
until 31 Mar
[>] Repóter Fotográfico, Joshua Benoliel
FNAC Alfragide
until 9 Apr
[>] Abissologia, João Maria Gusmão e Pedro Paiva
Cordoaria Nacional, Lisboa
until 13 Apr

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