september 2008

guest author
Cláudio Versiani
Angola 38 years of war
Cláudio Versiani

To photograph in Angola, by itself is not an easy task. The hard reality of survivors of 38 years of war establishes a tense condition in the relation between photographed/photographer.
It has been two wars. First the one of independence and later the fratricide fight of a civil war that attracted world-wide attention. By Angola had passed troops from South Africa and of Cuba, what means U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union.
The camera is associated to spies, of both sides. This perception persists until today or at least it persisted up to 1999. More for convenience than for any another reason.
In Angola a camera means the possibility of gaining an extra money or the camera itself. Even common citizen says that's forbidden to photograph. At that time the smallestr wage in Angola was 12 dollars and the greateest 200. Angolans had to turn themselves inside out to survive.
The biggest question imposed to a photographer in Angola is precisely: how to photograph? After all they are victims of a cruel war, or two. People who lost everything or almost everything. Less their dignity, will of living and hope of happyness. Fortunately war ended in 2002.
Democracy retards to arrive, unfortunately. [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Joost De Raeymaeker
The Silk road and low budget Kazakhstan
Joost De Raeymaeker

These pictures tell the story of a four week trip through part of the Great Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and a bit in Kazakhstan.
I passed through mythical places like Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. Almost all of them have a history that starts centuries before any more or less organized form of civilization existed in the West. They were the stage of intense commercial, cultural and intellectual exchange and their importance only started to wane with the discovery by the Portuguese of the maritime route to the East.
The Soviet era couldn't have been more different. Typical grey urbanistic planning and personality cult of leaders left their marks. It's to a great extent this contrast that's worth showing.
Central Asia is a region little known to the rest of the world and its discovery is essential. [see exhibition]

José Santarém, Portugal
The photo highlighted is from José Santarém, Portugal. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for August 2008

City lights, Moonlight, artificial or natural, Sunlight, reflected or absorbed, starlights, car lights, light os the eyes, monument lights, Christmas would not exist without light. Nor any form of life...

Show us photographs with light.

subject for September contest

A window is an opening in an element of architectonic enclosure, as a wall. It makes possible ventilation and isolation of the interior.

By sending to the exterior, can be considered as a vision angle, because allows the entrance of elements as light and air, but also makes possible the extension of look.

Windows as borders, divisions between interior and exterior, me and others, to be at the window, observe through the window, hang out clothes at the window, indiscreet windows…

Show us photographs with all kind of windows.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

[>] Workshop Fotografia de Reportagem, Luís Rocha e Tânia Araújo (MEF)
Espaço Municipal da Flamenga e Museu Nacional do Teatro, Lisboa
from 17 to 28 Sep

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Viagens, Manuel Araújo
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
until 14 Sep

[>] Intersecções Intersectadas, David Goldblatt
Serralves, Porto
until 12 Oct

[>] De um Chão Nosso, Mário João Mesquita
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
until 2 Nov

[>] Les Latins, Jean-Claude Martinez
Centro Cultural de Cascais
until 14 Sep

[>] Pedaços Soltos, Daniela Sousa
Casa da Guia, Cascais
until 26 Sep

[>] Another Championship, Bruno Santos
FNAC Coimbra
until 1 Oct

[>] O teatro humano de Peter Zadek, Gisela Scheidler
Teatro Municipal de Almada
until 31 Oct

[>] Paisagens da Figueira, Rui Santos
CAE - Centro de Artes e Espectáculos, Figueira da Foz
until 30 Sep

[>] Empty Cities, Luís Campos
Galeria de Exposições Temporárias do Governo Civil de Lisboa
until 21 Sep

[>] Fumando Espero, Roberto Santandreu
Galeria Valbom, Lisboa
until 30 Sep

[>] Trípticos, Francisco Falcão, Noemi Ferreira & Miguel Cruz
Imagerie, Casa de Imagens, Lisboa
from 10 Sep to 10 Oct

[>] Searching For Adam, Rodrigo Amado
Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisboa
from 13 Sep to 10 Oct


[>] In The Neighborhood: Streets of New York, Etsuko Kimura
FNAC AlgarveShopping, Albufeira
until 22 Oct
[>] SIAFA - Salão Internacional de Arte Fotográfica do Algarve
Museu Dr. José Formosinho, Albufeira
until 30 Sep
[>] Transurbana, Luís Campos
Centro de Artes, Sines
until 20 Sep
[>] Sem Actividade, Ignasi Aballí
Museu de Portimão
until 7 Sep

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