november 2008

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Landscapes are the oldest photographic subject. Perhaps that is why I picture them the "old fashion way", with an old bellows camera (Agfa Isolette) and medium format film. There is no auto mode, focusing is accomplished with a scale and I rarely use the photometer I carry with me. It's a sort of personal hygiene, a way of cleaning myself from the nasty habits that technology has brought into the technical side of photography. [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas
Custom Circus
Sofia Quintas

Who sees them on the road or in action, hardly believes they are a portuguese theater company. Their convoy of classic, bizarre and personalized vehicles strikes the eye for where it passes. Incredulous looks greet this nomad company that covers the country, spreading the contact with nature, positive reluctancy, questioning the evolution, fighting against consumism and sedentary habits.

“We are nature, we can't abandon the fact of being animals, we can be not so wild as we were centuries ago, nor so instinctive. We can't wrap ourselves in luxury and comfort, and believe that this will make of us happyer beings. To feel alive we need to travel in a humble form, eat in a natural way, sleep under the stars, feel the wind, the cold, the heat, know genuine people, with rich experiences of life. This is to be alive: always live the adventure. The theater and the road gave us this adventure” Michel Alex. [see exhibition]

Monia, França
This month's winning photo is «Syrphe à ceinture», from Monia, France. Congratulations. [see exhibition]

Results for October 2008

Insects are the existing group of animals more diversified in the planet, possess 800.000 described species - more than any other group of animals.

Insects can be found in almost all ecosystems in the planet, but only a small number of species adapted to ocean's life.

Shows us photographs of Insects.

subject for November contest

Dream is a set of images, of thoughts or of fancies that are present to the mind during sleep or even when we are awaked.

Show us photographs of dreams.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

[>] 10ª Bienal de Fotografia
Celeiro da Patriarcal, Vila Franca de Xira
8 Nov - 7 Dec

[>] Polaroid Portraits, Manuel Luís Cochofel
Biblioteca Municipal, Vila Franca de Xira
6 Nov - 7 Dec

[>] Ghost in the Shadows, Angelo Lucas
Convento do Carmo, Lisboa
11 - 26 Nov

[>] Workshop de Fotografia Documental com Lab Preto e Branco, Luís Rocha e Tânia Araújo (MEF)
19 Nov - 28 Jan

photo agenda
Sugestions in Portugal


[>] Vidas todos os Dias, Marcus Garcia Moreira
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
até 13 Nov

[>] Fellini / Lisboa, Danilo Pavone
FNAC GaiaShopping, Porto
- 15 Nov

[>] Entrocamento – Ao Encontro da Luz, José Chambel Cardoso & José Manuel Antunes
Museu Ferroviário de Lousado, Vila Nova de Famalicão
- 28 Dec

[>] Porto de Leixões, Arquivo Histórico e Fotográfico da CM de Matosinhos
FNAC MarShopping, Matosinhos
- 17 Dec


[>] Numa Janela do Edifício Prestes Maia 911, Júlio Bittencourt
FNAC Coimbra
18 Dec - 13 Feb

[>] Uma Espécie de Quase, Tiago Marchão
CAE - Centro de Artes e Espectáculos, Figueira da Foz
- 1 Dec

[>] Life - A Journey Through Times, Frans Lanting
Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria
- 23 Nov

[>] Memória Fotográfica / Santarém no século XX
Biblioteca Municipal, Santarém
17 Nov - 31 Dec

[>] Luzes da Fama - Fotografias de Concertos
Café Vinil, Sintra
- 30 Nov


[>]Scars. Sarajevo, Simona Ghizzoni
FNAC AlgarveShopping, Albufeira
- 7 Jan

[>]Atenas 04, Ilias Bourgiotis
FNAC Madeira
- 26 Dec

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