april 2009

guest author
Gonçalo Santos
Gonçalo Santos
To take advantage of insomnia to search, see, find and feel what's left when there's no light
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individual exhibition
Joost De Raeymaeker
Joost De Raeymaeker
The mythical disco/bar b.leza, located at largo do conde barão in Lisbon, closed its doors in the summer of 2007. It was located in the first floor of an old palace, and when the owner decided to sell it in order for a luxury hotel to be built in its place, Lisbon lost a unique place, where portuguese, africans and tourists from all over the world came to listen to the music and dance.

The various attempts of getting a new location for the project have failed until now, and the small projects that surfaced to fill the gap didn't really fill it at all. Here's a serie of photos of the atmosphere and of the many artists who made b.leza what it was. Come back soon, b.leza!

[see exhibition]

notes about the competition
Due to the lack of participation in the last two competitions of pontos.de.vista, we will make a break to allow our cibernauts to regain the inspiration.


photo agenda

Invisões, Portugal visto pelos fotógrafos franceses
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
opens 4-apr

Avenida Patrice Lumumba, Guy Tillim
Museu Serralves, Porto
until 17-may

Numa Janela do Edifício Prestes Maia 911
Júlio Bittencourt
FNAC MarShopping, Matosinhos
until 22-apr

Prémio PhotoEspaña OjoDePez de Valores Humanos 2008, FNAC Braga
until 15-apr

Binary Bodies – After Muybridge, Manuel Luís Cochofel
Galeria Fábulas, Lisboa
opens 2-apr

Wall, Rita Barros
Casa da Cerca, Almada
until 17-may

De passagem, Graça Sarsfield
Casa da Cerca, Almada
until 17-may

Rugas, Carlos Pedro
Galeria do Paço da Cultura, Guarda
until 30-apr

Mesa, Eduardo Matos
Galeria Quadrado Azul, Lisboa
until 30-apr

Arquivo Universal - O documento e a utopia fotográfica
Museu Colecção Berardo, CCB, Lisboa
until 03-may

Trabalho de Campo, Jochen Lempert
Culturgest, Lisboa
until 10-may

H2=_Ver, Paulo Carneiro
Centro de Exposições, Odivelas
until 17-may

o sabor da casca, Rui Dias Monteiro e Cláudia Ramos
Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura de Torres Vedras
until 10-apr


Preto e Branco, Carlos Filipe
Arte Café, Faro
until 25-apr

Diário de Barcelona, Pedro Noel da Luz
Arte dos Sabores, Lagos
until 30-apr

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