may 2009

guest author
Ana Pereira
screen of a story that won't light up
Ana Pereira / screen of a story that won't light up
In 2006, regarding the theatrical production Alter-Ego from Teatro Bruto company, wich crossed theater with cinema, Luena proposed me to bring also photography into this duet, through a photographic work about Oporto theatres, some currently locked up or with parallel activities besides cinema.
I tried to found the images, ghosts, memories and particularitities of each theatre. These moments that I photograph seem like small fragments of time, in between sessions, films, stories.

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individual exhibition
Manuel Luís Cochofel
Polaroid Portraits
Manuel Luís Cochofel / Polaroid Portraits
This set of portraits was made in the small studio I've set up at home, where I installed a large format camera and some flash lights. They're mainly portraits of family and friends done in the last two years in which I used as film the extinct Polaroid 55. In some of them I used the solarization technique (or Sabattier Effect).

Having this house loodged many decades ago a real photography studio open to the public and that even receive the distinction of 'Photographers of the Royal House', it was a very interesting personal experience to re-create what would have been at the time, the portrait sessions, with the necessary pose that the large format camera 4x5 obliges.

This experience become a small studio, set together with the photographer Rui Dias Monteiro and that nowadays accepts commisioned orders of individual portraits, called 'The Beautiful Skull' (

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photo agenda

Numa Janela do Edifício Prestes Maia 911, Júlio Bittencourt
FNAC Viseu
opens 7-may

Contemporaneidade, Nuno Calvet
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
opens 3-may

A Cidade das Aldeias, Mário João Mesquita
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
until 28-jun

Pazi Mine. Attenzione Mine, Elena Givone
FNAC Braga
until 10-jun

Prémio PhotoEspaña OjoDePez de Valores Humanos, Colectiva
FNAC Vasco da Gama, Lisboa
opens 7-may

Batalha de Sombras, Colectiva
Museu do Neo-Realismo, Vila Franca de Xira
until 14-jun

De passagem, Graça Sarsfield
Casa da Cerca, Almada
until 17-may

Wall, Rita Barros
Casa da Cerca, Almada
until 17-may

Trabalho de Campo, Jochen Lempert
Culturgest, Lisboa
until 10-may

H2=_Ver, Paulo Carneiro
Centro de Exposições, Odivelas
until 17-may


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