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Alberto Monteiro

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Alberto Monteiro was born in OPorto in 1960.

He experiences his first contact with photography between 1975 and 1977 attending classes held at college. During that time he gained some notions of photography and experience in the taking of images as well as in laboratory work in black and white.

While experimenting various photographic techniques he developed several projects, making his own prints, until the year 1979, which he then abandoned a year later.

It was not until the year 2001, after almost 20 years of still stand, that he restarted his photographic activity with great intensity, registering images mostly in his favorite environment: the city. It is the City, and her people, that define the motives best developed.

During an intensive year of photography (2001/2002) he tried to make up for lost time, photographing almost every single day. Meanwhile he presented his work in several individual and collective exhibitions, and in websites.

His current approach can be characterized as followed: a permanent activity and search for new languages in the way he leads his work.