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Pedro Guimarães

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1977- Born in Braga the 27th of September.

1982- Makes his first photography with a camera that was not his, for which his father scolds him. The same day the Pope João Paulo II visits him in Braga.

1995- Registers himself at the University of Minho in the course of Industrial Electronics.

1999- Transfers himself to the course of Systems Engineering in the same university.

2000- Discovers photography. Becomes self-taught. Starts to doubt the quality of life that his university course can bring him.

2001- Decides to become a free-lancer photographer. Takes part in his first exhibition in the national salon of photography FOTOIMAG in Exponor, Porto.

2002- Makes his first interrail and discovers the need to create serious photographic projects.

Create his first project in the book "Braga Ilustrada".

2003- Creates the Internet site Xposure (www.xposure.tk).

Receives the first price FNAC Portugal of photography with the work "Discovery of a Tourist" and exhibits in their principal national galleries.

Exhibits some photographs from this work in the international meetings of photography of Arles, in France.

Receives a honourable mention in the biennial of photography from V.F.Xira with the work "Dreams of an Angel".

Publish the book "Shades of Faith", ProjectoBragaTempo edition.

2004- Exhibits in the Monastery of Tibães, in Braga, with the work "You Are Blind", in co-operation with the Vivarte Project.

Starts to publish regularly work in press organs and several magazines.

Receives the 2nd place of Price Pedro Miguel Frade, attributed by the Portuguese Centre of Photography and the Ministry of Culture.

Translation: Sofia Quintas