author: Daniel Navarro individual exhibition


The photos build nostalgia.

always the landscapes glue in the memory from the evocation of the places. it's the aesthetic enjoyment, the dazzling and the homesickness in contemplation, through small places and people that we want to see, astonished in the eyes and the soul.

We see here images of things and their places, seduction people above the long or quiet spaces, beings that burst from the emptiness in a mystic appearance, indistinct figures that hang solitary in the mists in a soul emptying, gray and mystic low sky environments, passenger shades protagonists of fugitive tales, lonelinesses patiently meditate...

We look and there's no reality: there's the instant and the eternity in the memory. there's no events: there's emotions of the images that reflect the inevitability of the beauty. the destination is the way of time and its own way and is in the silence of the look that everything happens. let's fix the images and what of them results: nostalgia of a time on which the time lasts.

Text: Carlos Manuel
Translation: Sofia Quintas