Raft of Flowers
author: Sofia Quintas individual exhibition

Raft of Flowers

(In) "the continental lot located in the extremity of the European west, Portugal, (...) it's, today, the Saramago's broken up raft of rock, that sails without course in an rough sea of difficulties, where tenebrous Adamastores sheltered(...)."

(In it) "Vegetates with vigour the refined flora that has in the roses, oranges, red carnations, blue pansies, yellow sunflowers and red poppies, the elected flowers. By the inverse: tripping and withering is the rural genista; lost are the harvests of wheat and other cereals for the bread of the poor; abandoned, dry, almost irretrievable, are the flower beds, the small orchards and kitchen-gardens of the mob."

Source: Lusitanian Farm, Brasilino Godinho, author's edition
Translation: Sofia Quintas