author: Ângela M. Ferreira guest author


Umbilical carries us into an oneiric world full of allusions to the universe of painting. It's clearly evident not only in it's subjects, but also in the choice of symbols that integrate each one of it's works.

As in all Ângela's works, there's always a poetical reflexion that searchs for a transformation of the real, sometimes as shadow, as a fugacious reverberation of a weightless world that acquires melancholy lightness by paradise.

This serie is a birth meditation in all of it's meanings. Umbilical crosses the imaginary of dreams and the essence of human condition, with several elements of return to the maternal womb.
The images appear at the sea bottom, and even when at surface, they still remain in profoundness. Everything happens in an experimented vision of life and death, where negative is followed by positive.

In this journey's dense universe that crosses images caught in Portugal, India and Brazil, the journey's poetical in space is balanced with enthusiasm and astonishment of the navigation, wheter in space, wheter the oscillations between real and virtual.

It's about the agglutination of several journeys into only one: the day-dreams. It's a journey free of time's cyclical fatality, only open to renewal.

Text: Ângela Ferreira
Translation: Sofia Quintas