newsletter january 2004

«happiness» starts this month a competition open to all. The theme of this month is «happiness». Results will be out in the february newsletter and published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

guest author
José Gonçalves > Rogai por Nós

(between 1994/2003)
"people or vehicles etc. advancing in orderly succession, esp. at a ceremony, demonstration, or festivity"

individual exhibitions
Stefan Rohner > The iron flute

"It is as if you held a crystal clear mirror in your hand. If a stranger approaches, it shows the foreigner as he is; if someone local approaches, it shows him as he is..."

Zosia Zija > warsaw trip

august 2003

Sofia Quintas > Casa da Avó

"I remember granny loved to take short showers in the morning, and I loved to have a long bubble bath in the afternoon to clean the garden that I used to bring inside the house in my curly hair" uses cookies to store the language the user chooses at the front page. if you haven't done this yet, please do it first before opening one of these links so that the text in the correct language is presented >>>.
photoagenda suggestions 
  • Altas-Luzes, Rita Carmo - FNAC Colombo, Lisboa (until 24-january)

  • feiraLOMOpopular, Vários - Fabrica Features, Megastore United Colors Benetton, Lisboa (until 31-january)

  • Compact Diaries of Everyday Life, Bruno Espadana - Taparia Santa Bárbara, Lisboa (01-january until 31-january)

  • Apenas...Duas Fotografias - IX, José M. F. Coutinho . Casinha Cor de Rosa, Coimbra (until 31-january)

  • Switches, Stephen Monger - Galeria da Junta de Freguesia, Vila Franca de Xira (08-janeiro until 06-february)

  • Lisbonne/Lisboa, Vários - Pavillion Paul Delouvrier, Paris - France (until 25-january)

  • Only Skin Deep - Changing Visions of the American Self, Vários - International Center of Photography, New York - USA (until 29-february)

  • Prémio Europeu de Fotografia de Imprensa Fujifilm 2004 (delivery until 16-january)

  • Lomographic World League 2003 (delivery until 31-january)

  • Pessoas Diferentes Lugares Diferentes (delivery until 15-february)

  • Renova - revista Photo (delivery until 20-february)

  • World Press Photo 2004 (delivery until 15-january)

  • Oskar Barnack Award 2004 - Leica Camera AG (delivery until 31-january)

  • Red - New York Institute of Photography (delivery until 31-march)

  • Fotógrafo do ano 2004 - revista Résponses Photo (delivery until 10-november)

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