newsletter may 2004

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imgJeremy Webb

"My Light-painted still lifes are an attempt to explore the physical nature of everyday things, to emphasise the uniquely tactile and individual nature of so-called 'junk', and to explore the discarded remains of mass-produced packaging and modern materials. I am also drawn to liquids, spills, and commonplace iconic consumer products of our time."

Páscoa / Easter
This month the contest was cancelled.

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individual exhibitions
imgSofia Quintas > Landscape Guardians

The windmills of Santa Maria, are seven in total, and three of them are still working nowadays. Their construction is dated from the 18th and 19th century. The flour milled in these windmills was used by the miller and was also sell, but through times people abandoned the habit of going to the windmill to buy flour."

imgPaulo Rodrigues > pleuredanslamer

photoagenda suggestions

Capitão Goma, Luísa Ferreira
Museu da Imagem (until 06-june)


Fotografia a Preto e Branco dos Amigos do Estima
Mobydick (until 15-may)



O Tempo Passa, Luís Ventura
Claustro Bar (estreia 15-may)

Para Sempre, José M. F. Coutinho
Instituto Português da Juventude (until 15-may)


Viagem ao Sul, Nuno Calvet
Museu Municipal Prof. Joaquim Vermelho (until 23-may)


Combo, Daniel Blaufuks
Centro Cultural (until 16-may)



Leçons, France Cadet
Galeria Quadrum (estreia 08-may)

Fotoportfólio [20 Anos]
Galeria Luís Serpa Projectos (estreia 08-may)

A Orla da Cidade, Luísa Ferreira
Estação Ferroviária de Santa Apolónia (until 29-may)


Tagus Park Terrace (until 13-may)


Água, Batista Bastos
Cadeia da Relação do Porto (until 09-may)

Fusões, João Luís Teixeira e José Luís Almeida
Galeria Casa d'Eros (until 13-may)

outside portugal

Festival of Photografia in Lille
Transphotographiques 2004
transphotographiques logo
from 15-may to 15-june

From 15 may to 15-june the 4th Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, Transphotographiques, will take place in Lille, France. The 2004 edition is inserted in the official program of the European Capital of Culture.

This edition has Jean-Luc Monterosso as the artistic director, editor of European Photo Foundation in Paris, and founder of "Mois de la Photo".

transphotographiques poster Under his direction, and with the theme of "Transformation", the Festival will have works of world renamed photographers like William Klein, Sebastião Salgado, Richard Avedon, Georges Rousse andBettina Rheims in the official selection.

The "off" program allows young photographers to show their work in around 50 events (exhibitions, projections and debates).

The supports this event by announcing its exhibitions.

see exhibitions in photoagenda >>


Um Caranguejo, Dois Caranguejos, Três Caranguejos..., Dirceu Maués
Galeria do Café Imaginário, Apinagés (until 09-may)

SP: Um Caso de Amor, 450 Pontos de Vista
Estação Metro Santa, São Paulo (until 31-may)


Red Colour News Soldier, Li Zhensheng
Photographer's Gallery, Londres (until 30-may)

Estados Unidos da América

Photography and Montage After Constructivism, Gustav Klutsis e Valentina Kulagina
International Center of Photography, NY (until 30-may)

Memento, Muriel Hasburn
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC (until 07-june)

see more exhibitions >>

training suggestions

Curso Básico de Fotografia
Instituto Português de Fotografia
from 07-may to 26-june

Introdução ao Laboratório de Preto e Branco
António Costa - Studio 8A
08 to 09-may

Curso Básico de Fotografia
Instituto Português de Fotografia
from 10-may to 25-june

Laboratório de Preto e Branco - Avançado
António Costa - Studio 8A
15 to 16-may

Fotografia de Natureza Paisagens e Viagens
António Sá - Studio 8A
22 to 23-may

Rio maior

Curso de Photoshop para Fotógrafos Amadores
Norbinda Cardoso - Mil Cores
08 to 09-may


Passeio Fotográfico Do cabo da Roca à Praia da Ursa
José Romão - Mil Cores

outside portugal


Flash Avançado
Bruno Sellmer - Techimage
from 24 to 29-june

Estados Unidos

Photography & Installation: Creating a Context
Sam Samore - International Center of Photography
from 15 to 23-may


The Spring Paris Portfolio
Peter Turnley - The Maine Photographic Workshops
from 23-may to 02-june


Documentary Photography in Oaxaca
Stella Johnson - The Maine Photographic Workshops
from 02 to 15-may

see more trianing >>

7º Concurso de Fotografia - Corroios 2004
Junta de Freguesia de Corroios (delivery until 21-may)

Prémio Álvaro Laborinho
Câmara Municipal da Nazaré/Centro Português de Fotografia (delivery until 23-may)

Às voltas com a VIDA
Revista Cais (delivery until 31-may)


Challenge the Nail Exhibition 2004
Salon des Arts e Imperial Volunteers Centre (delivery until 15-may)

Canon Female Photojournalist Award
French Association of Women Journalists (AFJ)/Canon France (delivery until 15-may)

Challenge the Nail Exhibition 2004
Salon des Arts and Imperial Volunteers Centre (delivery until 15-may)

Photo Review National Competition
Photo Review (delivery until 15-may)

Move It! (Multicontrast B/W Photo Competition 2004) >>>
AGFA (delivery until 28-may)


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