newsletter june 2004

guest author
imgGary Auerbach

My personal study of photographing Native Americans began in 1992. Working with the large format camera, and hand making my platinum prints, I started to document different native tribes such as Apache, Navajo, Tohono O’odham, Taos and Arapaho, in Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma

My best photo img
This was the most disputed contest 'til now, and the final decision was very hard since the quality was really good. The winning photo is from Dayle Ann Clavin, Austria. Congratulations.

next theme
Red, what is it? Warm color, sensual, of burning passion; color of blood, of gills and guts, of deep blows to the bone, of bloody eyes, of so much weeping; color of contradiction; and, yet, the color that the human eye captures in wider amplitude of tones; represent it, whoever you wish. It only must be red. Results will be published on the june newsletter and on the site. See how to participate >>>.
individual exhibitions
imgNelson d'Aires > honour compromise

On the 12th of June 2004, millions of persons will have the eyes on the box that changed the world. TVs from all over the world will live broadcast the opening of the Euro 2004 with Portugal and Greece national teams kicking off. (...)

imgJoão Carvalho Pina > Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina – Buenos Aires, One year after the elections

Spring of 2004. Almost one year after Nestor Kirschner’s election for President and three years after the worst economical crisis in the history of the south-american republic. (...)

imgSofia Quintas > Lomo Beach

Lomo Lomo Lomo Lomo
Beach Beach Beach Beach
Lomo Beach Lomo Beach
Lomo Lomo Beach Beach
Beach Lomo Beach Lomo
Beach Beach Lomo Lomo

photoagenda suggestions

Era Uma Vez..., Bernard Puissesseau
FNAC Almada (until 19-june)


De Tripoli a Samarcanda, David Clifford
FNAC CascaiShopping (until 19-june)



Apenas...Duas Fotografias X I, José M. F. Coutinho
Casinha Cor de Rosa (until 11-setembro)

Mar de Experiências, Luís Pontes
Claustro Bar (opens on 05-june)

2You III, José M. F. Coutinho
Link (opens on 05-june)

Emoções, Joel Almeida
Claustro Bar (opens on 26-june)


Colecção dos Encontros da Imagem, Vários
Galeria Municipal Trem (until 20-june)



Leçons, France Cadet
Galeria Quadrum (until 19-june)

Fotoportfólio [20 Anos]
Galeria Luís Serpa Projectos (until 19-june)

Visões de Lisboa - Projecto de Fotografia Pinhole, Joaquim Chitas
Restaurante Cozinha de Fusão, Mouraria (until 15-june)

Stolen Still Lives, Gonçalo Coelho Silva
NetJazzCafe, Chapitô (until 01-july)

S/T, Sofia Sá da Costa
Galeria Diferença (until 19-june)


Boarding Pass, Serge Emmanuel Jongué
FNAC NorteShopping (until 19-june)

Fotografia Verbal, Boris Mikhailov e Ilya Kabakov
MAC de Serralves (until 04-july)

Fute.Lomo - Pontapé de Saída, Vários
Edifício Artes em Partes (until 12-july)

Paisagens de Silêncio, Renato Roque
Centro Português de Fotografia (until 29-agosto)

Porto de Mós

fotomós 2004
fotomos logo
14-maio a 15-novembro

In Porto de Mós it is happening the 2nd FOTOMÓS edition.

This is an event about photographym which aims to incentivate and promote photography in the region, and also at national level.

The event has exhibitions of amateur and professional photographers, both national and international, as well as workshops about technique, and, at last, a photography contest.

The Festival goes on in the Ecoteca of Porto de Mós.

The supports this event by announcing its exhibitions.

see in photoagenda:

>> exhibitions >> workshops >> contest

outside portugal


A Storybook Life, Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Museum Folkwang, Essen (until 13-june)

On our way..., Vários
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen (opens on 25-june)


El silencio de las palabras, Baudoin Lotin
Galerie le Périscope, Liège (until 18-june)

Bagdad, Bruno Stevens
Musée Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxelas (until 30-june)


Um Caranguejo, Dois Caranguejos, Três Caranguejos..., Dirceu Maués
Galeria do Café Imaginário, Apinagés (until 09-maio)

SP: Um Caso de Amor, 450 Pontos de Vista
Estação Metro Tatuapé, São Paulo (until 30-june)


Festival Internacional de Fotografia e Artes Visuais
phe2004 logo
02-june a 18-july

The Festival PHotoEspaña 2004 goes until 18-july, in Madrid, with a total of 51 exhibitions.

photoespana poster The central theme of the Festival, Stories, talks about the present and highlights the value of the new languages in documentaries in contemporary art. More than 170 artist present their work in PHE04.

This year PHotoEspaña opens its program to Visual Arts: cinema, video and plastic arts related to photography.

The 7th edition of the Festival brings new interests: the I Semana de cine PHE which presents several formats of films, the Campus PHE, in Aranjuez, where it will happen several workshops, and Encuentros PHE, a set of speakers of 11 different nationalities.

see in photoagenda:

>> exhibitions


Festival de Fotografia de Lille
Transphotographiques 2004

15-maio a 15-june

until 15-june still goes in Lille the 4th Festival of Photography and Visual Arts Transphotographiques. The 2004 edition is inserted in the official program of the European Capital of Culture.

This edition has Jean-Luc Monterosso as the artistic director, editor of European Photo Foundation in Paris, and founder of "Mois de la Photo".

transphotographiques poster Under his direction, and with the theme of "Transformation", the Festival will have works of world renamed photographers like William Klein, Sebastião Salgado, Richard Avedon, Georges Rousse andBettina Rheims in the official selection.

The "off" program allows young photographers to show their work in around 50 events (exhibitions, projections and debates).

The supports this event by announcing its exhibitions.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions

United Kingdom

Body Shots, Robin Manford
Sherwell Centre, University of Plymouth (until 25-june)

Masquerade: Women's Contemporary Portrait Photography, Vários
Photofusion Gallery, Brixton (until 18-july)

Photographs 1901 - 1986, Jacques Henri Lartigue
Hayward Gallery, Londres (opens on 24-june)

United States

Subway, Bruce Davidson
Greenberg Gallery, NY (until 12-june)

Fashioning Fiction in Photography since 1990, Vários
MoMA, NY (until 28-june)

see more exhibitions >>

workshops suggestions

David Alan Harvey
de 06 a 14-june

Teoria da Cor e Fotografia Analógica
de 01-june a 09-july

Fotoreportagem 2
de 15-june a 05-july

Técnicas Fotográficas 1
de 21-june a 16-july

Manipulação em filme SX-70
José Gonçalves - Estúdio Climatógrafos


Curso de Tratamento Digital da Fotografia
Instituto Português de Fotografia
de 14 a 30-june

Curso Básico de Fotografia
Instituto Português de Fotografia
de 14-june a 09-july

Porto de Mós

ver destaque acima

outside portugal


Flash Avançado
Bruno Sellmer - Techimage
de 24 a 29-june

United States

Polaroid Transfers, SX-70 Manipulations
Kathleen Carr - San Francisco Art Institute
de 01 a 04-june

The Large-Scale Print
Adam Eidelberg - International Center of Photography
05 e 06-june


Provence, France - Photography in the Land of Van Gogh
Craig Stevens - The Maine Photographic Workshops
de 27-june a 18-july


Expedição Fotográfica do Fotodrenalina
Instituto Português de Fotografia
inscription until : 06-june
de 09 a 13-june

see more workshops >>

30º Salão Internacional de Arte Fotográfica do Algarve/2004
Racal Clube (delivery until 23-june)


Le Mois de la Photo à Montreal (delivery until 04-june)

New York Institute of Photography (delivery until 30-june)

L'eau et la pierre
Photo'Aubrac (delivery until 30-june)


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