newsletter july 2004

guest author
img Txomin Txueka
> Bolivia

Women that don't look
don't expect
seems they don't feel

Disturbing men that look at you
that don't hide what they are

Power that hides
that feels intimidate


collective exhibition

ph: photography.
15: the number assigned to identify the slum "Ciudad Oculta", or Hidden City, located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

ph15: a space where a group of kids from this particular slum are encouraged to express their personal views through the use of photography. In this workshop they explore who they are and what they feel.
(...) the workshop has survived mainly by donations from individuals and mostly by selling prints

Red img

The winning photo was made by Mary Vareli, Greece. Congratulations.

"I sent you a sample of my favourite technique. No Post Production, the photo was shot this way"

next theme
The weather invites to go out and get fresh air. In the beach, the mountain, the plain, any place is good for a walk. Results will be published on the august newsletter and on the site. See how to participate >>>.
individual exhibitions
imgPaulo Serra
> the brides of orion

The machine moves (under my total control) in a way that allows the static light to earn life draw in tight lines, composed by a multiplicity, only clear by the distance between them. It has no tricks. It has no superposition. It's no secret. It has no tricks.

imgManuel Luís Cochofel

I had been to the play
With my pearl of a Peri -
But, for all I could say,
She declared she was weary,
That "the place was so crowded and hot, and
she couldn't abide that Dundreary."

Then I thought "Lucky boy!
'Tis for YOU that she whimpers!"
And I noted with joy
Those sensational simpers:
And I said "This is scrumptious!" - a
phrase I had learned from the Devonshire shrimpers.

imgStefan Rohner
> Lourdes (France)

In the heart of the Pyrenees, Lourdes receives 5 million visitors from all over the world every year.
Spirituality, whether belonging to history or legends, is part of the present through the depth and beauty of the sight, the marks of the past, the serenity of the Sanctuaries.
Lourdes was just a small market town on the 11 February, when Bernadette Soubirous met, along the Gave, the “Lady” that made the town a Marian city.
Today Lourdes has the second greatest number of hotels in France with 270 establishments.
Its geographical position, at the foot of the mountains makes it an ideal starting-point of excursions to the Pyrenees.

imgDaniel Navarro
> Subway

Furtive glances,
stories to be told in each stop,
in it we are always exposed to our loneliness...

photoagenda suggestions

Fukuoka Digital, Robert van der Hilst
FNAC Almada (until 11-september)

Angra do Heroísmo

World Press Photo, Vários
Centro Cultural (de 24-july a 15-august)

Castelo Rodrigo

As Beiras do Interior, João Paulo Sousa
Cantinho dos Avós (until 11-july)



Erotik, João Igor
Capela de Nossa Sra. da Victória (until 24-july)

2You I V, José M. F. Coutinho
Link (until 24-july)

Emoções, Joel Almeida
Claustro Bar (until 24-july)

Apenas...Duas Fotografias X I, José M. F. Coutinho
Casinha Cor de Rosa (until 11-september)


World Press Photo, Vários
Centro Cultural de Belém (opens 15-july)

Muchos Mundos, Kely
Galeria ARA (until 23-july)

Uma Cidade do Futebol, Vários
Cordoaria Nacional (until 20-august)

Palm Diaries, António Lucas Soares
(Prémio FNAC de Fotografia 2004)
FNAC Chiado (until 11-september)


Robert Whitman
Museu de Serralves (opens 16-july)

Fute.Lomo - Pontapé de Saída, Vários
Edifício Artes em Partes (until 12-july)

Vademecum para um suicídio eficaz, António Uriel
Galeria Serpente (until 24-july)

Weltsprache Fußball - Língua Universal Futebol, Vários
Centro Português de Fotografia (until 25-july)

Porto de Mós

fotomós 2004
fotomos logo
14-may to15-november

In Porto de Mós continues the 2nd FOTOMÓS edition.

This is an event about photography which aims to incentivate and promote photography in the region, and also at national level.

The event has exhibitions of amateur and professional photographers, both national and international, as well as workshops about technique, and, at last, a photography contest.

The Festival continues in the Ecoteca of Porto de Mós.

The supports this event by announcing its exhibitions.

see in photoagenda:

>> exhibitions >> workshops >> contest

outside portugal


Sonoridad Amarilla (Jinetes Azules), Various
Fitz Roy 1983, Capital Federal (opens 08-july)


The Zoomed Photo: the challenge of Foto Arte

01-junho a 20-agosto

The FOTO ARTE 2004 is consolidated as a landmark in photography on the country, bringing to Brasilia people and institutions of Brazil and other countries to reflect about the subject. This year more than 70 samples of photography and video, 200 photographers, in 50 different spaces, occupy the city for more than 60 days.

The event grew in some ways and participates in the Festival of Light, association of the biggest photography festivals in the world whose main representatives will come to the Portfolio Reviews and other activities, helping to promote the Brazilian professionals internationally. Such portfolio reviews will congregate more than 30 professionals of the whole world in Brasilia, helping and benefiting the brazilian photographers who will have the possibility of direct contact with great specialists in photography.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions


Festival Internacional de Fotografia e Artes Visuais

02-june a 18-july

The Festival PHotoEspaña 2004 ends on 18-july.

The central theme of the Festival, Stories, talks about the present and highlights the value of the new languages in documentaries in contemporary art. More than 170 artist present their work in PHE04.

see in photoagenda:

>> exhibitions


Rencontres D'Arles 2004

08-july to 19-september

On the 08-july begins in Arles the festival of photography Rencontres D'Arles, with several exhibitions, installations, conferences and workshops.

On this 35th edição, Martin Parr is invited to be the artistic director of the festival, one of the most influential photographers of his generation, having the goal of coming up with young talents from all over the world and fresh approaches to often unappreciated classics.

The supports this event by announcing its exhibitions.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions

United Kingdom

The UK's International Festival of the Image
Rhubarb Festival 2004

22-july to 25-july

As a force within a world increasingly threatened by the actions of the powerful few, the theme for the Rhubarb-Rhubarb Festival 2004 is Unity. Beginning with the Portfolio Review, which networks together photographers and international names from the art and business of the image world. This is the core of the Festival, uniting not only the people involved but also the ideas which lie in the ether and become liberated by the opportunity to speak them to those who understand their currency

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions

United States

Familly Albums, Diane Arbus
Portland Museum of Art, Maine (until 01-august)

Revelation, Diane Arbus
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA (until 22-august)

see more exhibitions >>

workshops suggestions

Iniciação à Fotografia
José Romão - Mil Cores
from 03 to 10-july

Iniciação à Fotografia
from 12 to 30-july


Workshop Profissional de Fotografia de Arquitectura
Augusto da Eira - Instituto Português de Fotografia
from 12 to 30-july
or from 16-july to 07-august

Curso Básico de Fotografia
Instituto Português de Fotografia
from 14-july to 09-july

Porto de Mós

see highlight above

outside portugal


Iluminación para retrato
from 09 to 11-july


Veredas de Guimarães Rosa
Jurandir Lima
from 03 to 09-july

Trilhas Açorianas, passeio fotográfico à Ilha da Pintada
from 10 to 11-july


Heart of Spain: Castilla y Leon
Daniel Perales, Jeannie Hendrick - Working with Artists
enroll to: 02-august
from 18 to 26-september

United States

The Intuitive Portrait
Andrea Modica - The Maine Photographic Workshops
from 04 to 10-july

Color Printing from Negatives - Intensive
Nina Prantis or Gerard Vezzuso - International Center of Photography
from 05 to 09-july

Lighting: A Foundation Course
Arlene Collins - International Center of Photography
from 05 to 09-july


On the pleasure of collecting old photographs
Serge Plantureux - Festival Rencontres d'Arles
from 08 to 10-july


3 Day Digital Photography in Venice
Mario Mazziol - Venice School of Photography
from 21 to 25-july

see more workshops >>

Bienal de Fotografia Wenceslau Cifka
Câmara Municipal de Sintra (delivery until 04-july)

Gaio-Rosário, do Passado ao Presente
Junta de Freguesia Gaio-Rosário, Moita (delivery until 19-july)

1º Concurso de Fotografia para Amadores
SBM Photo Crew (delivery until 30-july)


Primer Concurso Fotográfico "Patagonia Trashumante"
Fundación Patagonia Arte y Desafío (delivery until 20-july)

Le Visa d’Or de la presse quotidienne 2004
Festival International de Photojournalisme Visa Pour l'Image (delivery until 20-july)

Agfanet (delivery until 23-july)


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