newsletter august 2004

guest author
img Udo Remmes
> Behind the Velvet Curtain

Photography is always strongly subjective. For me, every photo is the individual expression of the photographer, his nature and culture. It unites myth and science. It demonstrates life processes and structures.

Photography plays a very important role in my life. On the scientific side, the photographs serve the medical and analytical diagnosis of the human body. On the emotional side, they are a means of expressing my feelings in images and formal symbols, as I perceive them. [...]

Serra da Graciosa

The winning photo was made by Maurilio Passari Ultramari, Brazil. Congratulations.

next theme
We've had the self-portrait contest before. Now we want to see who you photograph usually. Friends, relatives, known and unknown people. Results will be published on the september newsletter and on the site. See how to participate >>>.
individual exhibitions
imgSofia Quintas
> Our Lady of Aires

Our Lady of Aires - the Legend and the Fair

The surrounding area of the Sanctuary of the Our Lady of Aires has vestiges of the Roman civilization, perhaps from a population named "Arês" or "Ares". In the past, when reference to the Saint was made, one wrote Ares ("ares" of the Blessed Maria, etymologically) instead of Aires. The name attributed to the Saint can be consequence of the localization of the Sanctuary in the place of this possible old population named «Arês». [...]

imgNelson d'Aires
> still in paradise

Naturalism it's the undress and repose of the social vestment of our daily life, who has tried it and enjoy it, knows that it's forever. Freedom is only truly felt when there's no barriers beyond our own skin.

"Still in paradise" is composed by photographies that try in a natural way to catch the movements of those who free themselves from the vestment mask and display their body allowing it to penetrate the elements, fitting and absorbing the natural way that surrounds them. "Still in paradise" it's about a group of friends reunite on a beach of the Portuguese southwest coast who had undressed for some days and receded to the original way they had arrive in the world.

imgTxomin Txueka
> The Colour of the Land (Chiapas-Oaxaca)

In this day, more than 500 years ago started the colonization, and still more than 10 million natives from more than 40 existing ethnic groups who form "The Colour of the Land", don't even have recognized their rights and cultures in the Mexican constitution.

The natives from the south-eastern zones of Mexico, as Chiapas and Oaxaca, form most of the population of these regions, but they are at the top of the sad and cold statistics of the poorest among the poor (every year 15,000 children pass away without reaching the adolescence), in contrast with the rigorous scientific and economic studies that certify the existence in these zones of one of the greatest power and biogenetic reserves of the planet. [...]

photoagenda suggestions

Fukuoka Digital, Robert van der Hilst
FNAC Almada (until 11-september)

Angra do Heroísmo

World Press Photo, Vários
Centro Cultural (until 15-august)


Era Uma Vez..., Bernard Puissesseau
FNAC CascaisShopping (until 11-september)

Konghokala, Filipe Condado
Centro Cultural de Cascais (06-august until 30-august)

Charneca de Caparica

Estar Morto é o Contrário de Estar, Caiado
Espaço José Neves, Condomínio Vale Rosal (until 30-august)



Cores de Lisboa, Luís Costa (Lucaz)
Claustro Bar (until 21-august)

2You V, José M. F. Coutinho
Link (until 21-august)

Sintra, Paraíso Perdido, Nuno Jorge
Claustro Bar (21-august until 11-september)

Em Jogo, Vários
Centro de Artes Visuais - Encontros de Fotografia (until 19-september)


World Press Photo, Vários
Centro Cultural de Belém (until 15-august)

Uma Cidade do Futebol, Vários
Cordoaria Nacional (until 20-august)

02 Concurso de Fotografia Cais - "Às Voltas Com a Vida", Vários
Sala do Risco (until 22-august)

Uma Cidade de Futebol, Vários
Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal de Lisboa (until 28-august)

Sem Título, Ramón Masats e Rivard Terré
Instituto Cervantes (until 29-august)

Wool, Danilo Pavone
FNAC Colombo (until 31-august)

Pinhal Novo

Exposição Fotográfica e Documental sobre Ballet, Vários
Biblioteca Municipal (de 24-august until 04-september)


30º Salão de Fotografia do Algarve, Vários
Zona Ribeirinha de Portimão (until 15-august)


Um Anjo passou por aqui, Daniel Moreira
Tempo de Leitura do Porto (until 19-august)

Por Dentro da Bola, Vários
Estádio Bessa XXI e Estádio do Dragão (until 24-august)

Um Olhar a Preto e Branco, Zé Eduardo
Casa Jorge de Sena, Galeria (until 02-september)

Paisagens de Silêncio, Renato Roque
Sem Título, Ricard Terré
Sem Título, Rámon Masats
Centro Português de Fotografia (until 05-september)

Porto de Mós

fotomos logo
fotomós 2004

14-may to15-november

In Porto de Mós continues the 2nd FOTOMÓS edition.

This is an event about photography which aims to incentivate and promote photography in the region, and also at national level.

The Festival continues in the Ecoteca of Porto de Mós.

see in photoagenda:

>> exhibitions >> workshops >> contest


Exposição A Preto e Branco - Fotografia Portuguesa 1850-1977, Vários
Palácio da Galeria (until 11-september)


Êxodos, Sebastião Salgado
Centro Cultural de Valongo (until 29-august)

outside portugal


The Man, the Image & the World, Henri Cartier-Bresson
Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (until 15-august)

Photographic Works 1971-2001, Martin Parr
Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (until 15-august)

Periplus, Magnum Photographers in Contemporary Greece, Vários
Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin (until 22-august)


XIII Encuentros Abiertos
Festival of Light

01-august to 30-september

The Encuentros Abiertos are the XIII edition of the festival which first was celebrated in Buenos Aires on the year 1989, with the objective of creating a space of interchange and communication between photographers of all disciplines, places and origins.

This year's theme is Anonymous-Sinonymous-Antonymous.

The Encuentros Abiertos have been transformed into an event with interest to the general public, being today a cultural event with great adherence in the whole country and the Latin-America.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions


Vintage & Pigment Prints 1920-1970, Josef Sudek
Galerie Johannes Faber, Viena (until 27-august)

Sem Título, Seiichi Furuya
Albertina, Viena (until 29-august)


The Zoomed Photo: the challenge of Foto Arte

  FOTO ARTE 2004
The Zoomed Photo: the challenge of Foto Arte

01-july to 20-august

The FOTO ARTE 2004 is consolidated as a landmark in photography on the country, bringing to Brasilia people and institutions of Brazil and other countries to reflect about the subject. This year more than 70 samples of photography and video, 200 photographers, in 50 different spaces, occupy the city for more than 60 days.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions


Sem Título, Naia del Castillo
57, Madrid (until 15-august)

Black Snow, Vários
Fundacíon Canal, Madrid (until 22-august)

Sem Título, Jean Moral
Canal de Isabel II, Madrid (until 29-august)

Dvoyky, Boris Mikhailov
Casa Ciriza, San-Sebastian, País Basco (until 04- september)


Visa pour l'Image
International Festival of PhotoJournalism

28-august to 12-september

On the 28th august begins in Perpignan the 16th International Festival of PhotoJournalism, with several exhibitions, talks and encounters.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions

Rencontres d'Arles 2004

08-july to 19-september

On the 08-july begins in Arles the festival of photography Rencontres D'Arles, with several exhibitions, installations, conferences and workshops.

see in photoagenda

>> exhibitions

República Checa

Echoes, Jiri Hanke
Prague House of Photography, Praga (until 09-september)

United Kingdom

Santos, Manel Ortega
Bag Gallery , Brighton (until 24-august)

Icons of Individuality, Frederike de Jonge
Bag Gallery, Brighton (until 24-august)

Sem Título, Desiree Dolron
Shine, Londres (until 30-august)

Xteriors, Desiree Dolron
Michael Hoppen Contemporary Gallery, Londres (until 30-august)

Movers and Shakers - Faces of a Changing City, Lorentz Gullachsen
The Orange Studio Gallery, Birmingham (until 01-september)

United States

The Nudes of Karl Struss, Karl Struss
Bruce Silverstein Gallery, Nova Iorque (until 14-august)

A Dialogue With Separation: Picturing an American Chinatown, Jason Francisco
A/P/A Studies, Nova Iorque (until 20-august)

Revelation, Diane Arbus
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles (until 22-august)

A Retrospective, 1934-1974, Andre de Dienes
Saley-Wise, Nova Iorque (until 27-august)

Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from Chin, Vários
Asia Society and Museum, Nova Iorque (until 05-september)

see more exhibitions >>

workshops suggestions

Curso Avançado de Fotografia
AR.CO - Centro de arte e Comunicação Visual
inscrição until: 18-october


Photoshop para Fotógrafos
Ângela Rodrigues - Oficina da Imagem
Laboratório de Informática
de 27-november a 19-dezembro


O Retrato Intuitivo
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A

Nú e Figura Humana
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A


O Outono no Gerês
José Romão - Mil Cores
Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês
de 30-october a 01-november
inscrição until: 01-november


Iluminação Fotográfica
06-setember to 24-setember

06-setember to 13-setember

Nú e Figura Humana
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A
18-setember to 19-setember

Fotografia de Arquitectura e Interiores
Gastão de Brito e Silva - Studio 8A
25-setember to 26-setember

Tratamento Digital da Imagem
27-setember to 11-october

Técnicas Fotográficas 1
27-setember to 26-october


Curso Superior de Fotografia
ESAP - Escola Superior Artística do Porto
begins: 04-august

Nú e Figura Humana
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A
25-setember to 26-setember

Curso Profissional de Fotografia 2004-2006
Instituto Português de Fotografia
begins: 01-october

O Retrato Intuitivo
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A
09-october to 10-october

Fashion Stories / Fotografia Criativa de Moda
Paulo Roberto - Studio 8A
13-november to 14-november

Introdução à Fotografia Digital
Magno Urbano - Studio 8A
20-november to 21-november


Curso Completo
Oficina da Imagem
Monte Abraão
begins 05-october

Curso Básico
Oficina da Imagem
Monte Abraão
begins 05-october

Estética Fotográfica
Oficina da Imagem
Monte Abraão
begins 25-november

outside portugal


Fotografía Básica
Buenos Aires
14-august to 16-august

Iluminación para retrato
Buenos Aires
14-august to 16-august

Fotografía Digital
Buenos Aires
14-august to 16-august

Basico Integral
Buenos Aires
01-september to 31-dezembro


Large Format Photography
Steve Anchell - Lotus View Camera
Ernsting e arredores
19-september to 24-september
registration until: 08-august

Darkroom Weekend
Steve Anchell - Lotus View Camera
25-september to 26-september
registration until: 08-september


Cafes and Street Life
Randy Brown - Working with Artists
09-october to 16-october
registration until: 25-august


Large Format Photography
Steve Anchell - Lotus View Camera
Ernsting e arredores
19-september to 24-september
registration until: 08-august

Darkroom Weekend
Steve Anchell - Lotus View Camera
25-september to 26-september
registration until: 08-september


Expedição Fotográfica do Fotodrenalina
Instituto Português de Fotografia
03-september to 05-september
registration until: 01-september

6 Day Photography Course Expedition to Andalusia
Mario Mazziol - Venice School of Photography
24-october to 30-october

United States

Exposed: The Human Form
Connie Imboden - The Maine Photographic Workshops
08-august to14-august

Mark Lunning & Greg Cradick, guest Mark Sink - Working with Artists
03-september to 05-november


Paris – City Views
Judith Pishnery - Pisconeri Studio & Workshops
19-september to 24-september

Photography in Provence
Judith Pishnery - Pisconeri Studio & Workshops
St. Remy de Provence e arredores
26-september to03-october

The Streets of Paris
Peter Turnley - The Maine Photographic Workshops
12-september to22-september


3 Day Beginner & Intermediate Photography
Mario Mazziol - Venice School of Photography
02-september to 06-september

6 Day Beginner & Intermediate Photography
Mario Mazziol - Venice School of Photography
02-september to 09-september

3 Day Reportage & Street Photography Course
Mario Mazziol - Venice School of Photography
24-november to 28-november

see more workshops >>

Grande Passatempo FOTOdigital
FOTOdigital/Canon/Olympus/DigiQuick/Lexmark (delivery until 31-august)

Um Olhar sobre Porto de Mós
Fotomós 2004 (delivery until 31-august)

O Património na sua Objectiva
Arquivo Fotográfico da Figueira da Foz (delivery until 30-september)


PIX Digital Contest
PDN (delivery until 08-august)

X Concurso Fotográfico Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
Zoo Aquarium de Madrid (delivery until 13-august)

National Geographic Traveler 16th Annual Photo Contest
National Geographic (delivery until 15-august)

Photographer of the Year 2004
Practical Photography/Jessops (delivery until 19-august)

Second Annual Photography Competition
Finch Paper (delivery until 20-august)

Looking Up
New York Institute of Photography (delivery until 20-august)

Black & White Spider Awards
Black and White Spider Awards (delivery until 31-august)

Bolsa Criativa "La Photo de Rue"
Réponses Photo / Festival Transphotographiques (delivery until 31-august)

Concurso de Fotografía memorial Domingo Contreras
Asociacíon Fotográfica Calceatense Cámara 5 (delivery until 31-august)

O mundo Vegetal
AFPAN "l'Or Vert " / Lions de France (delivery until 01-september)

Capture Your World
New York Institute of Photography / Ritz Camera (delivery until 15-september)


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