newsletter january 2005

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Filipe Condado Filipe Condado
> Konghokala

For two years I worked as a volunteer in the North of Mozambique at a Catholic Mission, for a Non-Governmental Organization called "Leigos para o Desenvolvimento".

Although it was not the purpose of my work, I was able to photograph the life of the villages surrounding the Mission. [...]

Vasco Gil

It's where life started.
It has deep connexions with religion, since the origin of the life, to the Deluge, being also compared to God.
As all the substances, is presented in three possible states: ice - solid, water - liquid, and vapor - gaseous.
It's a precious good. In it millions of different species coexist, many still unknown.
Show us photographs that contain water.

This month's winner is Vasco Gil, Portugal.

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individual exhibitions
Manuel Luís CochofelManuel Luís Cochofel
> rolling lives

"rolling lives" it's a small project that started in a photograph taken in Lisbon's subway. From that image the idea to obtain others in the same scene appeared, as a way to illustrate part of the city life's bustle, as well as some of its characters [...]

> :: the dinner ::

Texts of Jorge Nande.

Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
> Sto. António Procession

Is hot and it smells of basil. It's in June that this procession that goes up and down the oldest part of the city, the entrails of Lisbon is celebrated.

The crowd waits for the saint outside his church. They're hundreds that flood the streets, and for moments it seems that the centre of the city is in the place where always belonged [...]

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