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Chad Meacham Chad Meacham

I try to keep my photography very simple. Natural light, a lot of footwork, and dedication are the key elements. When people ask me how I get such intimate portraits I can only explain it by having a great respect for the people that I meet. Somehow, I believe that feeling comes out in what you see. [...]

Wim Jenniskens, NL

The 8th of March is celebrated the International Day of Women.

In this day, in 1857, the textile female workers of a plant in New Iorque were on strike, having occupied the plant, to revindicate the reduction of a schedule of 16 hours per day for 10 hours. These workers who, in its 16 hours, received less than a third of a man's wage, were closed in the plant where, meanwhile, broke out a fire, and about 130 women died burnt. In 1910, in an women's international conference carried out in Denmark, it was determined, in homage to those women, to celebrate the 8th March as the "International Day of Women".

The subject of this month was Women.

We'd like photos of how you see women in today's society.


Congratulations to Wim Jenniskens, The Netherlands.

Thank you for all the participations..

next theme
Many faces arm the city. From the great aired avenues, to the pressed alleys and unskilful side streets. The new emerges from the old and leaves it, many times, disfigured. The movement of the population, and the outskirts, in the rush hours leaves it without breath. It extends itself, strains its tentacles to the outskirts where it plants beds for the workers that return to it every day. The ambient and social pressure in the cities grows each day. The lack of spaces in its interior leaves it without many solutions. It's in this intricate and cadenced context that the people pass, live, blossom. And with them city itself.

Show what you see in the cities.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

individual exhibition
Cláudio EdingerCláudio Edinger
> Citiscapes

Edinger turned his lens towards streets without charism as well as landmarks transformed into manhattian logotypes, from the Statue of Liberty to the Central Park and the Central Grand Station. The strangeness effect follows all the images of this book. The uncommon seems here catchable in each corner [...]


nelson d'airesnelson d'aires
> Getsemani

"In the Getsemani, Jesus, in prayer, perceives the entire conclusion from the great drama of Passion: «My soul is in a death sadness. Stay here and watch with me». Jesus needs company and solidarity, but he stays alone. Everyone sleeps"

Stefan RohnerStefan Rohner
> "Via Crucis" Easter Procession in Spain

With the arrival of spring comes Easter week. It has centuries of history behind it and is one of Spain's most authentic and emotive celebrations. The streets of the vast majority of Spain's cities, towns and villages become the stage for religious fervour and devotion, combining grief and meditation in memory of Christ's death.

2nd Anniversary
The site celebrates this month its second anniversary. We'd like to thank all that have contributed to the project.

We hope to continue to enrich the project as up to today.

We also thank all our readers that have been contributing with information about photography. Your help is precious.

A special thanks to Yves Rousselet who has been helping us with the french translations.

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