newsletter august 2005

guest author
Lilya Corneli Lilya Corneli

Like a single note of a piano struck that sets other strings within to vibrating in response, a unique artistic voice can set our soul ringing.

Ilan Ami, Israel

Photos with strong graphical lines, dynamic lines, lines of depth, orienting lines, force lines, perplexing lines, straight lines, curves, crossed, cut, imaginary.


The winning photo is from Ilan Ami, Israel.
Highlight also to the series of Sébastien PEPINSTER, about Espaces Métroïques Presque Symétriques, and Karl Blanchet, in Madagascar.

Thank you for all the participations..

next theme
Temperature, light, body, environment, food, color...all can be hot.

Shows us through photography the concept of hot.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

individual exhibition
Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
Urban Reliefs

Urban reliefs, urban silent shouts, from unknow persons that I gather.

Work in Progess


Paulo RodriguesPaulo Rodrigues
a short day

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