newsletter september 2005

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Joost de Raeymaeker Joost de Raeymaeker
> Atlas Circus

I was always curious to find out what life in one of those circuses that came to town was like. that's why i went after one for a couple of days. from arriving somewhere, the setup, the show in the big top, life of those who make the circus the show we see is hard, nomadic, with lots of work. since the circus no longer brings in a lot of money, the artists also have to help in the day to day chores, take care of the animals, clean the cages, setup the big top. a few hours before the show, everyone retreits to their caravans to relax, get dressed, put on make-up, concentrate and prepare mentally for the show.

Victoria Matveeva, Alemanha

Temperature, light, body, environment, food, color...all can be hot.


This month's winner is Victoria Matveeva, from Germany, whith a nice photo about this beach time.
Highlight also to Arthur Gustavo Pereira Monteiro, from Brasil, with a photo that resembles an human torch, and to Menino do Mar, from Portugal, with a prelude to a really hot day.

Thank you for all the participations.

next theme
This month we stop highlighting the light to give place to its absence: the shadow.

Since its softer and diffuse form from scenes with little contrast, til the well cut and hard shadow of a flash or the sun at noon, it's always caused by something that blocks the natural passage of light. Show us creative forms of its use.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

individual exhibition
nelson d'airesnelson d'aires
Guardians of Time

I wanted to meet people. During some weekends I moved myself in a periphery whose ray did not exceed a night out of house.

It was the discovery of certain places as gateways of a time to where I moved backwards, happening to me then people of those that look at you with a sense of humanity and tableland of life, and serenity in the gestures that cause astonishment to exist [...]


Sofia QuintasSofia Quintas
Tan Fanatics

Rain, shine or fog, there's a group of beach-goers in the Paradise Beach.

With bustle and devotion, they prepare their body and health to what come or may. Early risers of all ages profit from iodine, sun rays and suntan oils, to have a smut skin the entire year. Maroon by option. Not even the repairs of the piers dissuade them. [...]

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