newsletter october 2005

guest author
Casimira Matos Casimira Matos
> W - H2O

I developed this work for the 2003 VI Biennial of Moita. With the four first photographs, I was classified in 2nd place ex-aequo in free subject category.
It was a work where the emotion persisted the technique.
Here it's show the body (Woman) involved in an element that's our source of life, H2O.

individual exhibition
José GonçalvesJosé Gonçalves
The Yellow Tram

The images I show here are made with Polaroid SX-70 film.
This technique Image Manipulation or Emulsion Manipulation, consists in manipulate the photo minutes after it was taken (usually as soon as the image is fully developed) or 24 hours later, using several tools, to achieve the result I show here.

Tools such as: Ivory needle for fishing nets, Wooden Ceramic Tools, Coarse Sandpaper, and lately I’m using wood toothpicks, to get a softer effect on the emulsion [...]


Stéphanie Poli, France FR

This month we stop highlighting the light to give place to its absence: the shadow.

Since its softer and diffuse form from scenes with little contrast, til the well cut and hard shadow of a flash or the sun at noon, it's always caused by something that blocks the natural passage of light. Show us creative forms of its use.


This month's winner is Stéphanie Poli, from France.

Congratulations to all the participants, the competition was extremely participated, having many participant photos been out of contest, so that the gallery was with a maximum of around 30 photos.

Thank you for all the participations.

next theme
Besides telling several stories, photographs can denounce, teach, explain, try to improve, different realities of those who see them.

It's with photojournalism that the informative slope of photography reaches its maximum expoent. With it, what's far becomes closer, and the knowledge and attitude of humanity before iself grows and change.

Also, it's photojournalism that writes the history of the world, of small worlds, so that later can be remembered how it was, compare as it is.

We wait for your histories, accusations, informations, realities. Shows us a photograph with information.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.

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