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Darren HolmesDarren Holmes
> Darren Holmes Photographic Art

Let your dream devour your life, not your life devour your dream...these words by Antoine de Saint-Exupery embody the spirit of the work of Darren Holmes. A life devoured by a dream, and the result is photography where emotion rules. Technique and material concerns have little place in this world, Darren's works deal with other, simpler matters: those of the soul. [>]

individual exhibition
 manuel luís cochofelmanuel luís cochofel
> a day in budapest

Photographs of a short holiday in Budapeste. September 2005. [>]


Stefan RohnerStefan Rohner
> India, August 2005 (first part)

24/07/05 Delhi, quick mail to my friend Andreas Hering.

The second day, yesterday, was great, birthaday of a guru Sahib something....(i´ve forgotten his name), the siks celebrated his birthday with a big party in their temple, with a cloth on my head given to me by them I entered their temple, I didn´t take photos, traditionally everyone gets food for free many poor if we can call them poor if not miserable.

I took some photos in the middle of the people who receive the food, fat, thin, rich, poor, a present from the guru brings´s a blessing from God. The mob, incredible... [>]


Due to the lack of participation, the contest with the Photojournalism theme will be extended until the end of November. Participate.

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Besides telling several stories, photographs can denounce, teach, explain, try to improve, different realities of those who see them.

It's with photojournalism that the informative slope of photography reaches its maximum expoent. With it, what's far becomes closer, and the knowledge and attitude of humanity before iself grows and change.

Also, it's photojournalism that writes the history of the world, of small worlds, so that later can be remembered how it was, compare as it is.

We wait for your histories, accusations, informations, realities. Shows us a photograph with information.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site. See how to participate >>>.


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