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João PáduaJoão Pádua
> Unproject

A serie of 26 images made in the last 3 years, that most of all represents an open narrative, using the light as the main criteria.[>]

individual exhibition
Joost De RaeymaekerJoost De Raeymaeke
> Emanuel

Emanuel's concerts are announced well beforehand in all local cafes and small diners of the area where he'll be performing. Cafe Capri in Pilado is no exception. During summer the band is on tour the whole time and plays mainly in small town fairs, but lots of times before tens of thousands of people. [>]

Joost De RaeymaekerSofia Quintas
> The Beat of Nazaré


photo agenda

The Bienal of Photography of Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, will be open until February 26th.

From February 9 to 13 the Art Fair ARCO will be held in Madrid, Spain, this year with Austria as the invited guest country.
Being a Child
Giuseppe Pons, Italia
 Capitan Cuoricino

Being a child, in this world everytime more complex and immediate, is that so different of when we were?

Show us photos about your point of view of what is like being a Child.


The winner of this month is Giuseppe Pons, from Italy.

The contest had a very good level of participation. Thank you to all who sent photos.

next theme
Theater, music, dance, recital of poetry, everything is allowed and admired on classic stage, in the representation of the real, the dream, the fiction.

The contemporary society widened the traditional concept of stage. Stage is everywhere and we all want to be in it.

In airports, convenience store, in the street, the gas station, the ATM, we are the actors of ourselves under omnipresent monitoring. The necessity we have of recognition, puts us to represent the fiction of ourselves in messenger, in front of friend's cameras, even in the most recent tv competitions of real life.

We look at the fugacious light of a tv camera, as an insect looks at the light in the dakness of night. We inebriate ourselves with it. We participate in competitions, we are activ models in tv news.

The world is a stage.

Select one stage and show us up to 3 examples of as you see it, or as you see yourself in it..

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate >>>.

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