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Guy Veloso Guy Veloso
> Between Faith and Fever

There's a dividing line between religiosity and fanatism? How the "pilgrimages", a popular phenomenon in Brazil, are transformed into catharsis instruments of a forgotten people?
The essay "Between Faith and Fever", of the Brazilian Guy Veloso, shows the frantic search for the sacred in several religious manifestations in deep countryside. The project searchs to unmask as the tenuous dividing line between the religiosity and fanatism is faced naturally in Brazil. Show the necessity of outwardly of faith; as if to penitents was not enough "to please" the saints, but also, to show the society their beliefs and their vote.
"Between Faith and Fever" is about an artistic and antropological study at the same time. A true "archaeology of images" of a forgotten country. A great cauldron of symbols that it's called Brazil. [>]

individual exhibition
Txomin TxuekaTxomin Txueka
> HAILE GEBRESELASSIE - Great Ethiopian Run

On Sunday 27th November 2005 the 5th edition of Ethiopia's annual international 10km road race, the 2005 TOYOTA Great Ethiopian Run, took place in Addis Ababa, is situated at an altitude of 2400m above sea level. Around 20,000 participants from among more than 26,000 officially registered participated in the run. The individual race winners were Ketema Negussie (men) and Genet Getaneh (women) who both set new course records. [>]

manuel luís cochofelmanuel luís cochofel
> Project EPABI

This project is about a serie of portraits taken, during the current school year, to students of the Professional School of Arts from Beira Interior (EPABI), in Covilhã, Portugal.
These are portraits done where they normally study and have classes, with (or without) their respective instruments. Although the conditions are not the best, from this school leave pupils every year, immediately accepted by High Schools of Music from the country and abroad. Therefore here are portraited, perhaps, some of the future best Portuguese musicians.
The Author teaches in this School, since several years, the discipline of Transversal Flute. [>]

Marcin GorskiMarcin Gorski
> postcards from modern portugal


Rick X, Brasil
Cabeleira de fogo

"My heart is a fire machine,/magnesium light, forest set on fire/Burn is its proper relief/Burns for everything, is inflamed for nothing." Fire Machine, António Gedeão, 1961


This month's winner is Rick X, from Brazil, with a photo of a fire hair-style.

Thanks to all who participated.

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