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Olga Gouveia Olga Gouveia
> Mauritius islands - Two Drops of Ganges in the Indian Ocean

The legend tells that Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati surrounded the Earth, when they've noticed the beauty of an island and the emerald sea that encircled it. Shiva, that carried the river Ganges in his head, to protect the world from the floods, decided to land, having two water drops drained from his head, and felt into a volcano's crater, forming a natural lake. The Ganges was enraged, for his water being spilled in abandoned land, but Shiva answered that habitants of Gange's shores would one day colonize the island and do an annual pilgrimage to this lake. [>]

individual exhibition
Sofia Quintas Sofia Quintas
> Musidanças Festival 2005

Music, dance, literature and art festival of Portuguese speaking countries [>]

Fábio Arruda, Brasil

Show us the strenght, the speed, the skills, the enery of any sport.


The winning photo this month is from
Fábio Arruda, Brasil. Congratulations to him, and to all others. [>]

next theme
It's considered the most expansive of colours, as well as the one that most attracts the eyes. The exploration of its use has a great importance in the work of Vincent van Gogh.

Yellow was the colour-symbol of the China Emperor, and by consequence, of the Chinese Monarchy. It was also the colour of Louis XIV Court, the sun king of France.

In many countries, yellow is used to represent taxis. In nature yellow colour manifests itself in fruits, flowers and also in animals (in general poisonous, as snakes and toads).

Shows us your photographs in yellow tones.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate [>].

Rules summary :
Up to 3 photos
largest side: 550 px
max file size: 100 kb

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