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Carlos Matos Carlos Matos
> structures & coverings

In this serie, I used long exposures, a photographic technique that makes possible to register imperceptible actions to the human eye, creating unexpected effects and situations.
In contrast with the snapshot that freezes the moment, this technique allows to accumulate time on the photograph, inverting reality and creating effects that go from calm to mystery. It's lost, also, in a way the domain of elements that will integrate the photograph. Water and its waving will become levelled and static, while clouds will describe their movements. On the other hand, it's also possible to filter the disorder and involving noise, the distraction, creating and giving proeminence to new forms that, in their turn also transmit sensations of serenity, tranquility or simplicity, keeping at the same time tensions between elements in the photograph. [...] [>]

collective exhibition
Rui Dias MonteiroManuel Luís Cochofel, Rui Dias Monteiro
> Crush on Rush

"My profession is a direct shortcut to the shapeless character of being, (...) an unique entry point for the chaotic substructures of the universe. A guy walks in rounds in the city all night and never knows where he heads next. A customer threads itself in the taxi's behind seat, he says us to take him to such and such place, and it's there we go. Riverdale, Murray Hill, Far Rockaway, the other side of the moon. All destinations are arbitrary, all decisions are governed by chance. We float, wind, arrive at the destination said by the customer as fast as possible, but, in fact, we don't have the minor vote in the subject. We don't pass of a toy in god's hands, we don't have a vestige of proper will. There's only one reason to be there: satisfy the whims of others."
in "The Brooklyn Follies" from Paul Auster [>]

individual exhibition
Joost De RaeymaekerJoost De Raeymaeker
> Portuguese Bullfight

The main differences between Spanish and Portuguese bullfights arise during the reign of king Filipe V of Spain, the first of the Bourbons. This king was culturally closer to the ways of the French court and as such prohibited the noble from performing bullfights on horseback. This left the art to the urban bourgeoisie who took to the bullfight on foot. In Portugal there never was this kind of restriction, so the horseback bullfight continues as the main type. [...] [>]

José Gonçalves José Gonçalves
> Faith Pieces

Moments of Faith in Lisbon. [>]

Txomin Txueka Txomin Txueka

"Ernest Solla Martin. 35 years old, born in Barcelona. Has a hirsute beard and is blond. Thin. Very thin. He has AIDS. He doesn't have any deceased in his asset, but he can quickly have one. It's own. He was seen for the last time the 29th of July 2006, in the prison of San Pedro de la Paz, in the section of prisoners without cell, without treatment against his illness. He wear then a black dirty t-shirt, and ragged jeans. Who will look for him and get his extradition to Spain will not receive any reward. Only a good slap, for not having done it early.".
Text: Amets Aarzallus / ARGIA Magazine

Ernesto Solla Martin. 35 urte, Bartzelonan jaioa. Bizar narras bat du eta ile horia. Argala. Oso argala. IHESa du. Ez du heriotzarik bizkar gainean, baina laster bat izan lezake. Berea. 2006ko uztailaren 29an ikusi zuten azken aldiz, La Pazeko San Pedro kartzelan, ziega gabeen sekzioan, bere gaitzarentzat medikaziorik gabe. Niki beltz zikin bat zeraman soinean, eta zulatutako galtza bakero batzuk. Bila joan, eta Espainiara estraditatzen duenari ez zaio diru saririk emango. Masaileko eder bat baizik, lehenago egin ez izanagatik. [>]

Branislav Fabijanic, Croácia

It's a season usually associated to melancholy, perhaps because Summer has already gone, and Winter's at the door. Rich in colors by the leaves that turn to yellow and disappear in free fall, it's a season where time plays tricks, sometimes with clean days, other times with strong storms.


This month's selection goes to Branislav Fabijanic, from Croatia. Congratulations for the photo. [>]

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