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Luis Faustino Luis Faustino
Fado at the Tramway

During the month of June the Lisbon Festivities invade the Tramway in the form of Fado.

Singers and players bring their art to what in the rest of the year is a normal line, attracting quite a broad audience. Fado lovers, friends and neighbours of the musicians, tourists and common curious people, all join the regular passengers in the craziest carriers of the year.

When the tramway reaches de end of the line, everybody wants to keep theirs seats for the return. The driver has a lot of trouble explaining that everyone must get out, even if it's to get back in again right away. The mood is of total rejoice, with everyone singing along and clapping.

In the end of the tour they renew their vows of coming back the next day of Fado at the Tramway. [>]

individual exhibitions
Paulo Serra Paulo Serra
my friends wear different faces but the same dress

«For many reasons I’m not the author of this exposition. For many others reasons I'm the wedding dress.

My mission is to preserve the dress brightness, but you can't see it no longer in all the photographs. For many reasons I am not the author of this exposition». [...] [>]

Marcin Gorski Marcin Gorski

[...] I passed through a village which name I didn't notice. Through the car window I noticed a man sitting in its main square, and I kept this image in my mind.

After several hours in the way back, I saw the same view again – the same man sitting at the very same place with the very same position. I decided to stop.

I took my heavy Ukrainian camera and asked permission to photograph him – he agreed. I took my photo and suddenly I noticed two happy ladies with bunches of flowers. That was the beginning of an avalanche, more and more women arrived with flowers...

They invited me to join them. I followed them far away from the village, where I saw ox-carts full of big dry trunks, and men preparing food. I was warmly invited. they gave me fresh bread, sardines and wine.

With sardine in one hand and camera in the other, I tried to document what was hapening there. The wonderful hospitality of friendly people, who invited with full heart a stranger hardly speaking Portuguese. [...] [>]

Yves Rousselet Yves Rousselet
Albany of Enver at place*

Albany is no longer actuality, Albany is fashion.

Palmed from our memories, driven out from our screens, the images of boat people invading the quays from the ports of Durres, Vlora, the runaways piled up in bunches tightened in footbridges of ships for Italy, Greece.
Since four years I travel over Albany "further away from close countries" always with much pleasure in feeling myself welcomed, almost, expected.
The country is not geographically immense, its surface is equivalent to Belgium.
But there's no question of crossing it at high speed, the relief does not allow that, neither the state of the road network. Small sloped mountain roads or sea-shores; the invitation to discover the richnesses of cultural heritage, history as well as the beauty of landscapes is constant; hospitality for the traveller is also a well preserved tradition. [...]. [>]

Olga Gouveia, Portugal

This month the photo in highlight is from Olga Gouveia, Portugal. Congratulations. [>]

Contest results:

Hands that speak, that caress, that whisper, that gesture, that use objects, that rest, that attack. With jewels, naked, with painted nails, with gloves, hands of iron, old hands, working hands, hands in the pockets...

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From now on, the December subject is Free. Everything goes.

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Madeiro - Rituais da Fogueira de Natal

Book of Marcin Górski, João Mugeiro and João Adolfo Geraldes, which will be promoted at December 9 at Galeria de Exposições do Núcleo do Azeite, Proença-a-Velha, 15h, with a photo exhibition at the same time.


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