march 2007

guest author
Mário Pires
Ferrugo Nunquant Dormio
Mário Pires

Rust is a physico-chemistry phenomenon that consists in the oxidation of metal exposed to oxigen. Little by little rust corrust the metal until the only remains of it are a brownish dust that can be blown by the wind.

Rust also attacks human beings, but they rarely perceive this phenomon, since they don't present visible physical symptoms. In artist's case these effects can be observed in a slant way through the quality of their artistic production. All of those that don't scrap the rust and keep the creative spirit alive end disappearing in a dust cloud. [...] [>]

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individual exhibitions
Joost De Raeymaeker
inside/outside europe
Joost De Raeymaeker

The greatest metropolitan area of Portugal’s, Lisbon, is home to near 3 million people, 30% of the national population.

After the Carnation’s Revolution in 1974, which replaced dictatorship with democracy, all African colonies (Angola, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, Mozambique, Guiné Bissau) obtained independence and many immigrants, specially from Cape Verde islands moved to Lisbon for political or economical reasons. They settled mainly in Amadora in Lisbon's suburbs, often building illegal slums in abandoned areas. [...] [>]

José Gonçalves
The regicide
José Gonçalves

The murder of king D. Carlos and prince D. Luís Filipe, by two members of the Carbonária (republican revolutionary organization) occurred in the Terreiro do Paço on the 1st of February 1908, when they returned to Lisbon from Vila Viçosa.

Every year in this date monarchic members remember it. [>]

Sofia Quintas
Portuguese Cowboys
Sofia Quintas

True portuguese cowboys, these men, rare and old nowadays, also deal and prevent illnesses, deparasitize and remove rocks from the cattle's hoofs.

Not only of transhumance lives the shepherd. [>]

ilan Amihai, IL

This month's winner is ilan Amihai, IL. Congratulations. [>]

Thank you all for making this such a good competition.

february 2007

One of the 4 seasons of the year. It happens when the Sun shines in the opposing hemisphere

Cold, rain, fog, warm fireplaces in the North hemisphere. Heat, Sun, beach in the South hemisphere.

next theme
"Architecture is petrified music"

Architecture relates to the art or technique to project and build the environment inhabited by human beings

It deals with the organization of space and their elements, but normally it's associated with the problem of the organization of man in space, speacially urban

Shows us photographs that portray all types of architecture: design, industrial, project, urbanism, planning, constructions, etc.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

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